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The Snowy Stories Vol.2

VW *Members

A compilation of snowy scenes by our official members, check it out!

Winter Chalet by xoio.


Winter by Moradi Amir.


Red box 2 by Kiyanfar Majid.


Mudurnu Villa by Cakir Serkan.


Union Force Sports Arena by Mereces Sergio.


Container House by Castro Sanchez Humberto.


Cozy House by Ozbek Bahadir.


Mountain chalet - Cortina by Mombelli Stefano.


Green Shadow House by Celik Serkan.


Split House by Jandali Rajan.


Treesome Ice by Ryhan Nawras.


House Roofs by Rodriguez Padial Federico Jesus.


Split House by Silva Pedro.


Personal Work by Guida Alessandro.


German Town by Khachaturyan Michael.


Winter House by Hajialiyev Elnur.


Hammer House by Zhydkov Alexandr.


Hill Cabins by Bana Yones.


Scandinavian Hotel by Mombelli Stefano.


Havsdalen Norway by Delage Julien.

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