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Cheng + Franco Arquitectos
This countryside house in Peru by Lima-based studio Cheng + Franco Arquitectos features three volumes clad in perforated Corten steel that cantilever above a grassy bridleway.
House by LASSA offers an elevated view over a Greek olive grove.
Danish retailer Vipp has created a factory-made, metal-and-glass micro dwelling that comes filled with the company's line of homeware products.
Surfwear entrepreneur Joel Cooper took four years to source authentic Balinese materials to build his dream home in Laguna Beach.
Lever Architecture
US studio Lever Architecture has completed a tasting room for a family-owned winery that features sloped roofs with deep overhangs, and walls made of cedar and glass.
RCR Arquitectes
RCR Arquitectes describe ambitions for "architecture that conveys beauty" in Pritzker Prize movies
Herzog & de Meuron architects
Poltrona Frau Contract for the new Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg.
Larissa Johnston architect
Larissa Johnston arranges minimal London home around plywood box
Steven Ehrlich architect
Architect Steven Ehrlich designed his home to fit the skinny lots and sunny climate of his neighborhood near Venice Beach.
Pitsou Kedem Architects
Walls of glass, stone and wood line courtyards at Pitsou Kedem's House F
Tense Architecture
Sustainable And Comfortable Residence in Megara, Greece.
The Other Conversation – Japan.
After more than a year sharing a cramped San Francisco apartment where the view from her bedroom was an air shaft between buildings, Kelsey Lettko needed a change.
David Fenster
Kam Kasravi and Connie Dewitt wanted a modern cabin that wouldn't disrupt the Redwoods on their property. First they considered prefabs, but quickly realized they wouldn't fit up the narrow road to their land in the Santa Cruz mountains. So they convinced their friend, architect David Fenster, to design them a home made from shipping containers.
Urban Zone
Hosted by Daphne Osena Paez. Video by Marty Ilagan.
A wonderful source of inspiration for both architecture and landscapes!
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