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Freelance Artist

Crossed House

Loukas Koutsouris

A very nice and detailed making of article about the Crossed House by Loukas Koutsouris who explains the workflow he followed for his personal project. Enjoy it!

My name is Loukas Koutsouris. I am from Greece and the past year I have been working in an interior design company at the 3d department based in Amsterdam. Firstly I would like to thank Vasilis because of this great opportunity that he gave me. This is a personal project based on the "House in Sevres" created by Colboc Franzen & associates Architects. I kept the basic structure of the building as it is, but I added my personal taste in some parts.



In order to figure out the right proportions of the house I tried several options such as the ones mentioned below.


Finally when I was "happy" with the result I added more details in the geometry. Some of the modifiers you can see on the following image.

Then I started to collect or model the furniture for the interior part of the house.



The main light of the scene is a DOME light with HDRI map.  For the interior I used photometric target direct light and for the pool IES.



3 different plugins have been used for the vegetation of the scene. Firstly, for the main grass I used multiscatter in order to fill the entire exterior field. The advanced painter plugin helped me to customize it manually with different plants as "oxalis" and bush plants. And in the end, I used ivy generator for the plants on the wall. All the trees are placed in the scene as VrayProxies.



Here you can see the basic materials of the scene. Glass - Sidewalk - Wood - Black metal nickel - Water.


Render settings.

The render settings are basic without a lot of specifications except for the render elements where I added all the lights in different light select categories in order to have more control in the post production afterwards.


Post Production.

In that project I tried a different way of posting in order to improve my skills on that, so my basic image in order to start is the Vray global illumination image adding the elements VRay raw reflection & refraction.Also the sky was added in post.


Then I added all the lights through the "light select" elements one by one with linear dodge add mode.


I continued with the basic render elements such as VrayRaw global illumination and total lighting, raw shadows, specular, raw lighting,and many times I copied the raw reflection element in order to manipulate the reflections of each material.


And in the end a few color corrections especially of the grass. With Curves-hue/saturation-color balance and selective color I tried to add more contrast to the image and make the colors fade a bit.


At the second image the way of posting is the same but at the end i decided to to add more color correction layers in order to have different mood.


Light select layers.


Basic render elements. (VrayRaw global illumination and total lighting, raw shadows, specular, raw lighting).


First color correction. In this step I tried to match the colors with the previous image so I followed the previous color correction.


Second color correction. Then i turned down the colors like the previous image. But at least for me the resault wasn't so satisfying.


Final color correction.And I decided to add more color correction layers in order to make it more dramatic.


Thats it! Thanks for your time and I hope you found this interesting.


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