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Freelance Artist

The Mountain House

Kleiton Oliveira

The Mountain House is a project we have really enjoyed as it includes a nice environment creation and an atmospheric lighting . So we asked from Kleiton to share with us his project's workflow and thus this making of article has been created. Enjoy it!


Hello everyone!

My name is Kleiton Oliveiraa and I am Brazilian 3D Designer. As a Freelancer since 2010 I am really happy to publish my first article here. I would like to thank Vray World for the opportunity and all who follow my work on social networks with praise and criticism. Τhis is an incentive for me, so to seek some new knowledge!


Concept & References.

I see the choice of a reference as a challenge. I believe that each study design comes with a personal evolution and I'm always looking for references which will make me try different and new techniques. So as a reference I used the project "Les Marais" by Alain Carle architect.




I use my references trying to add the biggest possible amount of information and details. In many architectural websites we can find projects with various information included so as to facilitate the modeling process of our scene.

My initial idea was to model the entire project but due to the lack of some information I had to change some things. I use SketchUp to model  the main architecture of my projects and the same I did for this building, just a few things modeled in 3ds Max.


All the modeling of the scene made above the reference images which imported to SketchUp.


The best way to model your design in a natural scale is by using as a reference some basic measures such as doors, windows etc.


This is the final model ready to import in 3ds Max.


The I had to import my model into Max.


As I didn't have much information on the floor plans concerning the ground, I imported and positioned some cameras in the scene and then I started modeling the terrain using Paint Deform.



For the distribution of objects I used the MultiScatter.

Mult 01: I just used a tree to involve the whole scene.
Mult 02: stones were used, leaves and branches that have more volume to the ground and helped me make up a repeat of the texture.
Mult 03: I used some plants (see figures below)


Some trees and plants were positioned according to each view.


Lighting & Cameras.

According to my opinion this is the most important process of the project. I believe that with a well-lit scene, even with not very good materials and modeling, we can have a good realistic result for our images. Most of the times, I use Dome with HDR and Standard / Target Direct as a lighting resource.


Daytime Dome + Sun.


Night Dome + Plane.


I used the same camera setup for all the scenes, changing only exposure settings in the HDR for each of them.



Below are the main materials used in the scene.


Render Settings.

Now I am using 3ds Max 2014 but I decided to create the Making of with the version of 3D Max I was working during the period of this project.


Post Production.

These are the elements that were used for post-production.


For all elements used the filter Soft Light with opacity control.


After that, I adjusted curves and contrasts using Selective Color in some image elements with the help of WireColor render layer.

And finally I applied  Blur and Usnsharp Mask filters on the images.


Final Renders.

Here are the final renders.


I hope that you enjoyed this article!
I'm at your disposal for anything else you may need to know about the project!

Once again, thank you all!



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