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Photography Courses
We found these Great & Free Photography lessons and we would like to share them with our members, check it out!
Close Up & Macro Tips
As 3d artists we love close-up photography because no matter where we are, no matter the season or the time of the day. We can find our close-up subject everywhere near us even we are sitting on the chair of our balcony !
Breaking The Rule Of Thirds
Knowing your composition rules for photography is important. What’s also important is know when to bend those rules. And when to break them. Join me in La Jolla, California where I purposely choose to break the rule of thirds while photographing the ocean.
Exposure In 3D Photography
Last year trying to get more familiar with the general principles of photography and lighting we read a lot of different articles around the web. In fact we tried to use this knowledge in V-Ray and thus this article was born. I would like to share it with VW community as for us it worked really nice and we hope that you like it!
HDR. Useful 3D Photographic Tool
In the last few years the magic tool of HDR is widely used in 3D Industry. Therefore, we wrote this article to help our members familiarize themselves with HDR and even experiment and create their own first Hdri picture. Special thanks to our *Club Member Zbigniew Ratajczak who gave us his HDR images which we used in this article. Enjoy it!
How To Shoot 3D Interiors
Gathering scattered data from the internet again and with our experience we will try to give some basic knowledge to our members on how they can shoot a cool 3d interior visualization.
Perspective In 3D Photography
In this article I will try to explain how perspective works in photography. When we observe a photograph on the computer screen, we are looking at a 2d representation of a real 3d scene. In fact,perspective refers to the relationship between the objects in an image as well as position, size, scale and space between them.
Capturing 3D Architectural Photography
The static nature of architecture is great for 3d photographers. We can really plan a shot and we can also create the environment we imagine. There is a number of specialized fields within the 3d industry, one of which is 3d architectural visualization.
Light In 3D Photography
We created this first article trying to combine real world"s lighting and digital camera"s properties with V-Ray lighting and V-Ray camera"s properties. It"s not an advanced tutorial but it"s very helpful for all those new 3d artists who aim to understand better the basic principles of real lighting and the relationship with digital photography.
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