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Freelance Artist

3 Useful UV Scripts

Nawras Ryhan

I would like to share these 3 little scripts to deal with UV in 3ds Max that I use daily in my work and I thought someone here could find them useful too!

01-Box UV (Category : Mr.Max)
it is simply apply UVW Map Modifier with Box mapping using 100 by 100 by 100 cm

2- UV 90 (Category : Mr.Max)
it rotate the UV for object/s (or just selected polygons) in 90 degree using UVW Xform keeping a non-destructive workflow.

3-Randomize UV (Category : # Scripts) )
randomly move/rotate UV per object or per element to break the repetition /continuity of the textures.

PS. The 3rd script was originally created by Alexander Kladov to work with textures that have "use Real-world scale " option enabled and I've just modified it to work with the other case too,so I can only take a credit for the first 2 scripts :)

you can find the original script here.



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