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Freelance Artist

VRay Material Control 2.129

Oliver Radford

A really powerful script that allows you to change the properties of materials or textures in your scene, selection or material editor.


Current Version: 2.1

  • Works on Scene, Selection or Material Editor.
  • A subdiv reset for getting old scenes & models where you want them.
  • Support for all Vray materials and maps like VrayDirt, VrayHdri etc.
  • Support for all Vray Cameras, Lights, Modifiers & Geometry (donors only).
  • Support for native Bitmap texture, Color Correction Map and even 3rd party maps, MultiTexture, MultiScatterTexture and ForestMaterial (donors only).
  • The script is written to work with any version of VRay or 3DS Max.
  • Power tools (donors only):
    • Turn all/selected lights on/off
    • Reset scene’s material FX ID’s: resets all scene materials to 0 & disables the VRayMtl’s “override material effect” option
    • Put selection’s materials to material editor
    • Remove selection’s materials
    • Neutralise VrayCameras: Sets white balance to neutral and turns off vignetting on all scene cameras
    • Set all VRayProxys to box or point mode
    • Turn off interpolation on all scene VRayMtls
    • Turn off use IR Map on all VRayLights
    • Turn off reflect on back side on all VRayMtls
    • Put any missing plugin materials/maps to the material editor for inspection
    • Put any translucent materials to the material editor for inspection
    • Put any VrayLightMtls or self-illuminated VRayMtls to the material editor for inspection




Download the file and drag it into a 3dsmax viewport.
or run the MZP package from 3dsmax’s menu:  Maxscript -> Run script.


Revision History.

v2.129 (2015-02-04):

Fixed “Unable to convert: “” to type: BooleanClass” bug.
Fixed “Turn off store with ir map” for vraylights in power tools.
Fixed “Turn off reflect on back side” button in power tools.
Fixed “All proxys to point” in power tools.
Added “Remove selection’s materials” to power tools.



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