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Francesco Barletta

Cinema4D MoGraph

Francesco Barletta Studio

Francesco Barletta walks us though the steps of making realistic grass using Cinema 4D MoGraph. Enjoy!

Hello VWArtclub people! I ‘m Francesco Barletta, an interior designer and 3D artist from the south of Italy. I ‘ve created this noncommercial project in my free time in order to improve my skills in Cinem4D.

Especially i would like to re-create the exterior part so what's better then a grass concept?Here i will show you the final image and below all the steps that i went through.

At first i put on my scene a Cinema4D “Land Object” on which i will composite after the grass.

I chose 3 different kind of grass and multiply them with Cinema4D MoGraph on the Cinema4D “Land Object”.

So let's clone and merge all the grass types toghether!

Clone 1

Clone 2

Clone 3

Final grass merged.

I order to approach a more realistic result i multiplied in instances some bushes and trees.

For the lightningi used a “corona Sky” and a “Corona Sun”. I lower the intensity in order my final image not to be burned.

Corona Camera Settings.

For texturing the grass i just used a diffuse map with a low reflection and a bump map.
A little Translucency gives to the grass more realistic level.
I activated also the denoiser parameter!

Corona Renderer Settings.

After rendering u can see here the raw image. It looks really nice!

However, I made some post production to correct the exposure and i also added some Contrast, Saturation and Level in Photoshop in order to get the final image ,which you can see here.








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