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Displacement Map In Photoshop

VW Team

This is not a unique but a simple and quick way to create a displacement map in Photoshop.

For this example we have selected a map from cgtextures. With a yearly membership you can download high resolution tiled textures saving you time and money. For our example we used this soil texture. Our purpose for creating this displacement map is to make the final texture have a small black border around of each individual stone. Lets see step by step how we can achieve this result.


Step 1.

Here you can see our main texture with all the applied layers.


Step 2.

Add a hue-saturation adjustement layer and decrease the saturation value to -100 in order to create a black & white texture.


Step 3.

Add a levels adjustement layer and adjust the sliders as shown below. Our purpose is to create intense contrast but don't over do it.


Step 4.

Merge the layers (ctr+alt+shift+E) and then invert the resulting layer (ctr+I).


Step 5.

Add a levels adjustement layer and increase the contrast by adjusting the sliders as shown below.


Step 6.

Merge the layers (ctr+alt+shift+E) and then invert the resulting layer (ctr+I).


Step 7.

If we don't wish our map to be too sharp we can add a gaussian blur filter. For better control we could add it as smart filter for a finishing touch. For this process we select the layer -> right click -> convert to smart object -> filter -> gaussian blur.


Step 8.

This is the final croped image, from a 5000x5000px texture in which you can see the black border around the stones which is what we wished to create.



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