VWArtclub is a community of thought, a shared 3d art gallery, a thirst to know how 3d design will evolve worldwide, a respect for this way of art and a decision to record this fact visually.
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Vray World presentation in Digital Drawing Days 2013

We are pleased to announce Vray World Team's participation in DDD Event.

On 21 and 22 of June 2013 in Arezzo - Italy, Vray World * Team will presented its website and Club at the fourth Digital Drawing Days event, organized by 3DWS with the support of, NVIDIA and ChaosGroup.


Choice of graphic design.

When Vray World began as an idea, the next big step was how to materialize it. We had to give the soul a body. Having the high quality of all our members as a criterion, we had to create a place of high aesthetics for everyone where they could share their work. A universal gallery, easy to tour but also worthy of the content it promotes. We believe that, to a great extent, we achieved that  judging from the overall comments and this makes us more responsible to continue upgrading Vray World aesthetically and in other areas.


What is Vray World?

  1. A community of thought. Vray World was trademarked in 2010. There was not a specific notion of what it could be but simply a desire for something fresh and qualitative. In 2011, after a few photography seminars that we attended with my friend and partner Dimitris Batis, it was the first time we heard about a famous Greek photographer, Nick Oikonomopoulos, who managed to appear in Magnum which has been a photography Club since 1947. This was basically the main core of the Vray World idea though we adjusted it to the 3D standards and we did not make such strict rules because we wanted to give an opportunity to more and more designers to promote their work and find new clients worldwide.

  2. Shared 3Dartgallery. In a true 3D art gallery it would be improper to place high quality projects next to lower quality ones. This is why we decided to completely separate our site from the forum.

    *Group. We created the Facebook group so as to make this attempt and choose the best 3D designers in the world. It is the place where everyone can share their projects and ask for comments which will help them improve their quality.

    *Members. Only first class 3D artists can become members of our website. Whoever wishes to be a part of Vray World can share their work either via the Facebook group or by filling in our Get Publish List in our website.

    *Club. Before our website was even created and after a survey we conducted, we chose around 20 well-known 3D artists to establish the Club. We approached them and presented them a rough draft of the website and a general overview of our plan. As it was expected, a few of them accepted immediately while others wanted to see how it would evolve first and then decide whether to be a part of it or not. Our invitation is still open to everyone.

  3. A Thirst to know how 3d design will evolve worldwide. Assembling so many fine 3D artists in a Club and creating an inspiring 3D art gallery is a difficult venture but not impracticable. Our members’ comments about the site are encouraging and they help us continue what we are doing. But apart from simply having a collection of 3D projects in our website, we wanted to offer people a global knowledge of our field and this is why we also focus on the learning part. We continually enrich it with articles from all the fields relating to our art. Architecture - Interior design - Making of - Photography - Useful Tips. Each person is a professional and they all help Vray World with their useful articles that cover not only the basic knowledge that we need to evolve but also more.

  4. A respect for this new way of art. Even though Vray World began as a 3D architectural project, there has been a great effort to also integrate Vfx, Automotive and Sci-fi artists. We will soon send formal invitations to several high class designers worldwide and attempt to integrate new members into the Club. In order for somebody to become a Club member his only obligation to Vray World will be to take part in a voting concerning a new member’s entry every six months. The big winner of the New Club Artist Award. Here you can read informatin about our Awards.

  5. Α Decision to record this fact visually. It goes without saying that a venture such as Vray World could not be organised in a way other than a Website. Our goal though is not simply to present our members via the internet. Within the next year and towards the summer we are thinking of organizing our first event probably in Athens. Basically, it will be a real 3D art gallery where a few of the best projects of our members will be exhibited.




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