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Working in the field of advertising and cartoons George Pourikas gives an analytical interview both about his opinions on the world of 3d art and for his design studio Art House. Enjoy it!
We are happy to present our first interview on Vray World in the automotive visualization field. Carlos Colorsponge is a passionate 3d artist with 12 years of experience and an amazing focus on car photorealism. After a very interesting interview lasting and hour and a half, Carlos talks to us about his journey in the 3d world and explains his basic pipeline workflow,enjoy it!
With this third interview we end the first cycle in Vray World as far as architectural visualization is concerned. Our goal was to approach artists who played a different role in the 3D world; a freelance 3D artist (Thiago Lima), a manager of a company (Jan Kristian Volmer from Elberfeld Kreation) and an owner of a company (Matthias Arndt from Lichtecht). We had a very interesting conversation with Jan concerning both professional and artistic-technical matters that have to do with our art. Please enjoy it!
In this interview, Matthias Arndt is telling us about how he began his career in the field of architectural visualization and the establishment of his office. A constant effort based on his love for 3D art and a complacency that after so many years seems unattainable constitute a professional teamwork known as Lichtecht which is a company based in Hamburg, Germany.
For our first interview in Vray World we chose something different from the usual questionnaire. We preferred Skype with a written text hoping for a better result. Thiago Lima is a Brazilian 3D artist whose passion and love for 3D art could be an inspiration to all of us. We had been observing his projects for a long time and we were sure that he was about to present something good. To be honest, we never expected it to be that good! His last project pleasantly surprised us! Butterfly-The Short Film. Thus, we decided to look inside a butterfly"s soul. We hope you enjoy this interview as much as we did.
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