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Yarn Studio Is Hiring

At Yarn Studio we produce high quality interior visualization. We build sets around products to showcase them in their best light.


Yarn Studio Ltd.
Address: International House, 61 Mosley Street, Manchester M2 3HZ 
Country: United Kingdom.


3D Artist / Furniture Modeler.

We are open to freelancers but ideally we would like to offer the right person a full time position. We are looking for help with modeling furniture and sets. This would be a remote position with all the flexibility that would bring.


Ideal candidate.  

  • Can model soft furnishings as well as hard surface objects.
  • Have a good eye for form and detail.
  • Is able to create 3D models from photographic reference.
  • Is proficient lighting scenes. in using Corona/Vray.
  • Can match fabrics and materials to references.
  • Presents good communication skills.
  • Our deadlines are tight so speed and accuracy are essential.
  • Ideally works in 3DSMax but we can always import models from other software.

It's an opportunity to join a small company and boost your career by being here from the beginning and growing with us.

Starting salary £20k+ depending on experience. Full time contract available to UK based applicants only. For applicants outside of the UK we can offer full-time freelancing.

Please contact James with relevant samples of work at  workwithus@yarn.studio.


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