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Render Engines vs Weekly TOP10

This is a fast research just for fun... It doesn't mean anything and I believe that any artist can produce nice images whatever the tool is! But I also believe that behind a joke, sometimes a small truth is hidden!

Poll | General Stats | 370+ Votes.

We did this poll on our FB *Group with one and simple question. Which is your MAIN render engine for still images?



V-Ray 57.1%
Corona 36.9%
FStorm 3.8%
Other 2.2%


Weekly TOP10 | General Stats | 46 Weeks - 460 Projects.

After the Poll we collected all the information concerning the render engines which have been used by our members and they finally took a place in our Weekly TOP10 process! 



Corona  63.5%
V-Ray    29.6%
FStorm    3.5%
Octane     3.0%
Redshift   0.4%


The conclusions are yours!

Kind regards & Keep rendering whatever the render engine is! 
Vasilis Koutlis.


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