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Real Flowers & MMPro 1.2.0

VIZPARK - Real Flowers and Material Manager Pro 1.2.0.

VP | Real Flowers and Material Manager Pro 1.2.0

Hello guys!

we´re pleased to announce two new releases: MATERIAL MANAGER PRO 1.2.0 for 3Ds Max and REAL FLOWERS for 3Ds Max, MODO, Cinema 4D, LightWave, FBX and OBJ.  

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Material Manager Pro 1.2.0

- OUT NOW - 


MATERIAL MANAGER 1.2.0 is out - finally! After more than 2 years in development, we can proudly say that VIZPARK now offers the most convenient, best integrated and most versatile material management tool for 3Ds Max. Forget about lost bitmaps, use attributes for filtering, download materials from the USER LIBRARY and much more. Once you tried it, you´ll never want to miss it again...

Try out MATERIAL MANAGER PRO 1.2.0 ...

150 colorful blossoming garden flowers

REAL FLOWERS is a new highly realistic model library for architectural visualization. The library includes 15 different garden flower species, each with 10 model variations to ensure realistic looks. The models are included as single 3D models in various formats and flower field presets for easy garden creation (as Forest Pack Pro presets for 3Ds Max and replicator presets for MODO). The GrowFX version includes procedural versions of the flowers for further modification and randomization.

AVAILABLE FORMATS: 3Ds Max, GrowFX, Cinema 4D, MODO, LightWave, FBX and OBJ
More about REAL FLOWERS ...

3D scanned ground textures in 8k resolution

Our previous release REAL GROUNDS is a bundle of 15 photo scanned textures for realistic grounds. Available in three flavors (8k, 4k and 2k resolution) REAL GROUNDS cover an area of 2x2 meters and can be tiled seamlessly. Each texture set includes a bitmap for albedo, ao, height (exr and jpg), specular level, normal and roughness.
More about REAL GROUNDS ...

+ Real Grounds + Real Flowers + Material Manager Pro

Real Flowers, Real Grounds and Material Manager Pro are now also included in VP COMPLETE for a great price. A total value of over 2.000 € will save you over 70 % compared to the cumulated prices of all included products (3DS MAX version).
  • VP COMPLETE for 3DS MAX        499 €
  • VP COMPLETE for GrowFX          599 €
  • VP COMPLETE for MODO             399 €
  • VP COMPLETE for CINEMA 4D     399 €
  • VP COMPLETE for LightWave       399 €
  • VP COMPLETE for FBX                  349 €
  • VP COMPLETE for OBJ                  349 €
Current owners of VP COMPLETE can get the new products as product upgrade for 50% off the regular price and those who purchased VP COMPLETE after November 01, 2016 will get REAL FLOWERS for FREE! Just send a support ticket with your order number and we will get back to you shortly.
More about VP COMPLETE ...


Free Online Materials

Check out the VIZPARK user library with great FREE TO USE materials for different renderers. Download these materials for free with MATERIAL MANAGER PRO.
Free USER LIBRARY materials ...


Save up to 75% with these bundles

PLANTS Complete

222 realistic plant models, including Real Grass, Real Trees and Interior Plants.
More Info ...


All VIZPARK plugins, HDRIS, models and textures, worth over 1.500 Euros !
More Info ...

HDRI Complete

30 HDRI Skydomes for realistic lighting. 3DS Max, C4D, Sketchup, MODO, LW scenes.
More Info ...

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