VWArtclub is a community of thought, a shared 3d art gallery, a thirst to know how 3d design will evolve worldwide, a respect for this way of art and a decision to record this fact visually.
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Winners 2017

Another year with stunning 3d artworks published on VW *Gallery. Enjoy them!



Best *Studios Project.

Prizes will be given during January 2018. 

Prizes will be given during January 2018. 



New *Club Artist.

Freelance Artist

Prizes will be given during January 2018.  


New *Club Artist.


Prizes will be given during January 2018. 



Best ArchViz Projects.

JANUARY - Winter by Tran Vuvan.
FEBRUARY - The Penthouse by Qun Zheng.
MARCH - Hut Adventurer by Revyakin Dmitri.
APRIL - The Studio by Atng.
MAY - In Circles by Lopusny Stefan.
JUNE - Her by Adamski Mateusz.
JULY - The Lake House by Alekseeva Olga.
AUGUST - Street by Ramezani Morteza.
SEPTEMBER - Fazenda Da Grama II by Passos Matheus.
OCTOBER - Sydney Opera House by Ngoc Duc Do.
NOVEMBER - Residence B by Masiak Piotr.
DECEMBER - Orangegic by Kallianou Nefeli & John Ninos for Bronxes Studio.


Best VizObject Projects.

JANUARY - D-10 Bulldozer by Lukasz Sztukowski.
FEBRUARY - Legend 964 by Ilic Djordje.
MARCH - BMW XS Concept by Manolache George.
APRIL - Miner by Chen Yi.
MAY - IFCC 2017 Main Titles by Zivkovic Sava.
JUNE - Salt. Pepper. Basil by Wyszolmirski Tomasz.
JULY - Porsche 550 Spyder by Kliver Grigorii.
AUGUST - Bugs by Kieser Oliver.
SEPTEMBER - Dixy Dinosaurs by Zhdanov Aleksandr.
OCTOBER - JK Simmons by Nguyen Phil.
NOVEMBER - Vtb Owl Commercial  by Zhdanov Aleksandr.
DECEMBER - Cinematography Lighting by Holzmeister Andre.



Special thanks to all those great artists & sponsors who participated in our *Club during 2017.


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