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Black Mystique
This is my latest project. I hope you'll like it :)
Black And White
Freelance Artist
My recent interior design project. I hope you'll like it.
Zapata Tower
3dG arch-viz
A project of offices, social area and main income.
Golden Residential
Mereces Arch-Viz Studio
3D Visualization images were done for Gnandinger Architects for this project based in New York.
Vidgal House
A.R Studio
We tried to make the scene realistic based on the existing site. We paid careful attention to the details of all items on that model.
Attic Boho
Luxurious Apartment- boho style. Location- City Centre of Cracow. Old Town View
One Bedroom House
I would recommend the CGI of my fantasy home.
Polyanka 44 Apartments
Our studio was responsible for creating visuals of high-end apartments of Polyanka 44.
This project was inspired by a design from Awork design studio. I just wanted to make it as similar to the original as possible.
Aspen Home
A couple of images from the recent project Aspen Home.If you have any feedback I'd love to hear it.Thank you.
Thurohus Effekt
Stardust Visual
Non-Commissioned work of Thurøhus by EFFEKT in Frederiksberg, Denmark.
Foggy Night
Sports station - Foggy night. This image was a lighting study searching for a balance between Sci-fi and Architectural visualization.
Residence 37
Freelance Artist
American University of Beirut Residence 37 Asfari Bldg Faculty of Arts and Sciences-Dean's Office WAZANI-Architecture Workshop
BNP Ideal Bau
Batis Studio
Commercial project Services: Exterior, advanced 3d modeling, advanced lighting, realistic environment, design-print.
Wellness And Nature
Wellness And Nature boutique hotel. This 3D project is related to a rural hotel and spa in the interior or Portugal. The architectural idea is trying to merge architecture with nature.
Guedala Garden
Studio AP23
This is a set of images I did to show my landscape design project for this residential building in São Paulo, Brazil Hope you all like it
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