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Grand Moff Tarkin
Freelance Artist
This is my first likeness sculpture. I thought that to improve myself I need to start doing this type of work.
Freelance Artist
Personal project. I hope that you like it!
The Disc
Freelance Artist
My recent project. "The Disc". I hope that you like it!
Devil Hunter
Freelance Artist
The Devil Hunter is from a desolated land with endless darkness who use his justice eyes to determine and hunt the devils in this world. Software: - Maya and Zbrush for modeling - Photoshop and Mari for texturing - Rendering in Arnold
Man With Long Hair
Freelance Artist
I completed the model of the head and clothes using Zbrush. Next,I baked some maps in Zbrush,then importing these maps into MARI to draw Diffuse,Spe,Gloss,Bump.
Female Portrait
Freelance Artist
"This damn valley is huge..."
Aeon 3D
Aeon is a synthetic fashion model who lost her purpose. Disassembly process is in effect. A personal research project. Some experiments with a character I created last year.
Young Medusa
Young Medusa is a project I did for fun. I thought it would be interesting to go with the seductive side of the greek mythological creature. I imagined that a younger girl would achieve just that. Was an exercise to learn some MARI texturing and also some human sculpting.
Bast (Bastet) is the cat Goddess in Ancient Egyptian mythology.
The Alley
Freelance Artist
Hello everyone, It's been a while since I share some artwork. I've been working on this for some time now in my free time. It's inspired from a photography by the Iraqi photographer Ali Issa. I hope you gonna like it.
La Guapa De Aqui
Freelance Artist
This is a personal work that I did a couple of months ago, a female character in the park, (The pretty one here). Image rendered in a vertical size of 7000 pixels for printing.
Femal Portrait
D-tek Studio
This project first started as practice on my realistic skills.
The Little Girl
Freelance Artist
This is a project I have been working on for quiet a while based upon the fairy tale of The little girl with the matchsticks of Hans Christian Andersen.
Alien Runner
Freelance artist
I made this bloke for Alien vs. Predatorâ„¢ cinematic from Plarium. At the videos you can see the cinematic as well as some steps.
Tom Baker
Freelance artist
Hello folks! this is my study of the shader, paint textures and render. I used the excellent scan data provided by Lee Perry-Smith, I hope you enjoy!
Freelance artist
A personal project I've been working for a few months.
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