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Bombshell Blonde
Freelance Artist
A stylized hommage to the pin-ups portrayed on a bomb which where well known and popular during and after WW2.
Alis Character
Architectural Engineer
Ali's character with maya-marvelous designer-substance painter
Dreams are the truest declaration of love we make to ourselves. When we travel, I believe they take on a completely different form. And love, always has to do with it.
Freelance Artist
Personal project. Something that started for me as a modeling challenge but I couldn't stop there :)
The idea, in my small way, was to make a tribute to Kathryn Bigelow's 90s film, Point Break.
Ride it
Ride it, Like you stole it - Vintage Bike Art for those who like it fast and wild on the road.
Daftcloth !
Leo de Brito
Some cloth simulation + Daft Punk tribute
La Flaca
hello this is a personal project where I wanted to do a portrait exercise with a skull
Zavir Studio
I love Wall-E. so I decide model and render from this character...
Last words?
OMU CG Studio
Personal Project. Spare time sculpting and texturing. Zbrush, Blender, Substance Painter and rendered with Cycles.
"Bloodsport" JCVD
Freelance Artist
"Bloodsport" Jean-Claude Van Damme fan art likeness
Clay Figurine
Freelance Artist
ZB, Marvellous Designer, 3DS Max, Corona,PS used.
OMU CG Studio
Personal Project. Focused more on clothing rather than posing and/or portrait
Native American woman
Freelance Artist
Native American woman- Wild West Challenge
Hi all, here my Eyes study, realized for a conference talk. the main image was ispired by one shot of the famous series Peaky Blinders
Freelance Artist
A pagan witch concept. Personal work.
Freelance Artist
ZB+3DS Max+Ornatrix+Vray Next+PS
Freelance Artist
I've drawn it as a pencil before and I wanted to bring her to life by 3D. Zbrush for modelling+texturing Marvellous Designer for cloth 3DS max, Corona for rendering PS for post production.
the third step of my personal project
Old Problems
Freelance Artist
Personal Project. Characters and clothing sculpted in Zbrush, the room and props modeled in Blender (also UV Unwrapping), textured in Substance Painter and rendered in Cycles
Black goldfish
Freelance Artist
I just wanted to experiment underwater shot with Fstorm render.
Grooming For Dog
Hair&Fur Groomer
A Dog on which I've worked in my spare time. It is a mix between of labrador and golden retriever, which I've in real life =)
The Sin
Freelance Artist
Personal Project. Software used: Zbrush, Blender, Substance Painter, rendered with Cycles.
Green Gecho
Freelance Artist
This is my new work called ''Green Gecko ''. I love this kind of beautiful and impressive reptiles!
Mouse And Scorpion
Freelance Artist
3D scene (commercial pitch/coca cola) I did for Mindbender animation studio.
Jasmin Store
Nowah Architects
A project we designed and visualized in Nablus- Palestine.
Aliens land on fire
Freelance Artist
What a look of son to father when it's the end !!
Light Rider
Freelance Artist
I would like to share with you my new 3d scene " Light Rider "
Portrait of Igor
Freelance Artist
Likeness/ Portrait of Marty Feldman as Igor from the movie Frankenstein Junior (1974) by Mel Brooks.
Thundercats Lion-o clr
Freelance Artist
Thundercats Lion-o fan art (with textures)
Thundercats Lion-o fan
Freelance Artist
Thundercats Lion-o fan art (Clay-like renders)
Freelance Artist
Male runner model created for Yell.
Charlize Furiosa
Hi all, this is the second step of my personal project "Charlize". This time i'm focused on the MadMax movie, the Imperator FURIOSA.
David Jones
Freelance Artist
Hi everyone. I updated my David Jones. Hope you like it! 3ds Max, ZBrush and FStorm. I hope you 'll like it!
Quiet Night
Freelance Artist
One of my recent projects. I hope you 'll like it!
Charlize Prometheus
First step of Project Charlize, the PrometHeus version. All the Hair was made inside 3dsMAX with Hair&Fur, unfortunatly right now I have not a filament plugin, so the result is not the best.
African Portrait
Freelance Artist
Hi everyone! I would like to share with you my first African portrait. Comments are welcome... Hope you like it!
Wasteland Rogue
Freelance Artist
One of my recent projects. I hope you 'll like it!
Jurassic Park Cg
Render House
Hello everyone, I have completed my work at Jurassic Park, which I have been working on for a long time, and I want to share it with you. All the project is CG.
Liam Neeson
Unit Image
Liam Neeson - I will find you. Here is my finished Liam Neeson piece. As I mentionned in my Akuma's post, I had begun him before being diverted by my Akuma's project.
Cartoon Centuriones
Boxxod Design
Hi everyone! Here my last personal work, a remake of a character from the cartoon Centuriones.
Freelance Artist
One of my recent projects. I hope you 'll like it!
The War Machine
Freelance Artist
There is only war! And he was built for destruction...
Freelance Artist
Hi guys! Skin Shader was my main goal, I tried something out of my comfort zone(cartoon stuff) I will keep work on it, but for now I call this one done.
Albert Einstein
Freelance Artist
My character work during my free time. I hope you 'll like it!
Wild Life
Freelance Artist
I hope you 'll enjoy this homage to this beautiful universe that I love and respect!
Realite Productions
I got the chance to do this set of images as a part of an upcoming series of images called Astro.
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