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Garden Environment
Freelance Artist
In this project, we planned a garden environment for our client and realized it in 3D. In addition, we modeled the customer´s garden furniture to present it in a natural environment.
The Bridge
Freelance Artist
Just for fun, I love to spend time exploring new concepts and testing new techniques
Abandoned House
Freelance Artist
Just for fun, I love spent time exploring new concepts and testing new techniques
360 Wola Village Park
360 Wola Village park is a project we created in PICTURA studio in collaboration with REAL POLYGONS studio. Its 360 park walkthrough made for Urba Green developer.
The Lake
Freelance Artist
This is a personal practice to improve my skills and do something different
Just feel the breeze
Freelance Artist
This is a personal practice to improve my skills and do something different
Consummated Was
Freelance Artist
This image represents the scene that was left a few hours after the most wonderful event that humanity has ever experienced (in my opinion and personal conviction)
The Blue Hour
Freelance Artist
It´s getting cold in Norway...
Landscape For Villa
Freelance Artist
this is my lasest work in qatar private villa
Autumn Mist
Freelance Artist
With this project, I wanted to capture the misty environments near the end of Autumn , as they appear in a movie.
Mountain Pool
Visualisation of Pool in the Polish Mountain
Subterranean Cave
Kareem ElBastwesy
Subterranean Cave , created in unreal engine 5
The Smal Village
Freelance Artist
My new project is th small Village, based and referente country toscane in italy.
The Fietsklim
ZUS [Zones Urbaines Sensibles]
The Fietsklim is a construction that should make climbing possible for sporty cyclists in the Randstad conurbation. The design was made by ZUS [Zones Urbaines Sensibles] in collaboration with Zonneveld engineers.
Toscana Landscap
Freelance Artist
A beautiful vineyard landscape in Tuscany at dusk.
Birch grove
Faraday 3D
Few shots from birch grove near a small neighborhood.
Frozen Scapes
Long time exposure photography mood created as full 3d scenes. Breaking the limits of 3D graphics made it possible to work on any theme located in this characteristic scenery.
CGI Fungus Mushroom
SG Visualization
Software: 3ds Max, Corona Renderer, Photoshop, Lightroom
Full CGI Shiny
SG Visualization
Software: 3DS Max, Corona Renderer, Arion Fx, Photoshop
Freelance Artist
One of my recent projects. I hope you ´ll like it!
About last Christmas
Freelance Artist
A magical Christmas night with a lot of CGI for everyone
Blissful Solitude
Solid Eye
"Without great solitude, no serious work is possible" Pablo Picasso
For Our Family
Freelance Artist
The client approved this first final result. It is good to work with good references.
CGI- Sound Of Silence
Freelance Artist
MI | Mivida
Landscape design and visualisation of house in Mivida, New Cairo, Egypt.
Zlota Competition
Render Art
Landscape renderings for Zlota Competition
Render Art
Landscape rendering for a public square
Landscaping in Kloos
Render Art
Landscape renderings made for Kloos Project
Mausoleum, Macquarie
Render Art
Landscape renderings for Mausoleum, Macquarie Park in Australia
Campus Jekaterynburg
Render Art
Landscape renderings for Campus in Jekaterynburg
Residential Complex
Render Art
Residentail complex images among the natural areas
Ural Forest Bridge
Render Art
Semi-aerial view for Ural Forest Bridge
Ural Forest
Render Art
Ural Forest - 20 ha multifunctional center in Jekaterynburg - landscape renderings and exteriro visualizations
NL, Birds Paradise
Render Art
The new small residential areas on the Dutch island.
Call Of The Wild
3D Artist
Full CG: 3DS Max l Corona Render | Quixel Megascans
Observing Nature
Freelance Artist
Short animation as a lighting and vegetation exercise
Freelance Artist
Temporary prefabricated structures in the heart of Autodromo Nazionale Monza, Italy / Politecnico di Milano
Forest Project
3D Visualization
3D personal Visualization of Beutiful landscaping !
Mighty Gagarin
Mofo ArchViz
St 44 ( M 62 in Russia )is a locomotive's signature. I'ts one of the most powerful trains in Poland. Railway enthustiasts call it Gagarin.
YS | Gouna
Landscape design and visualisation for a summerhouse in Joubal, Gouna, Egypt.
PAP 3D Studio
Cenote Cabin
PAP 3D Studio
Contest Cabin participation made by PAP 3D Studio
AK | SODIC Westown
Freelance Artist
Landscape and rooftop outdoor design at SODIC Westown, Egypt.
TM | Katameya Heights
Freelance Artist
Landscape Design project at Katameya Heights, New Cairo, Egypt.
Lake House
Freelance Artist
"...I always wanted a place Lawn and clean, as green as the sea..."
The Scent of Serenity
Freelance Artist
The Scent of Serenity, is a project born from the desire to take refuge in a place of peace, where today we are oppressed by the chaos and daily traffic of the city.
3D Artist
Binyan Studio
Set in a post-apocalyptic, dystopian context where people are challenged to ‘Inhabit the Uninhabitable’, This project explores themes of discovery, new beginnings, and a sense of place.
10 years later
Helldoor Visual Studio
Celebrating 10 years of rendering.
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