VWArtclub is a community of thought, a shared 3d art gallery, a thirst to know how 3d design will evolve worldwide, a respect for this way of art and a decision to record this fact visually.
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Furniture Catalouge
Freelance Artist
Here at SALTVISION, we combine an artistic vision with a high-end commercial approach.
Gandia Blasco Awards
Weronika Blitek Studio
Gandia Blasco Group x BoModels International 3D Awards 2024 | My work has been recognized in the category: Special Mentions
Merry Christmas
SALTVISION Wish you a Merry Christmas And Happy Holidays
A&C - The Book
Lluis Cuenca
Archviz through Culture - The Book. A virtual trip about art, discovery and culture.
Sanuex | Hyde Roomset
Freelance Artist
Render of a bathroom to showcase the Hyde Basins. The average size of the bathroom is to ensure people can feel like they can achieve a similar look
Gispen Classics
Freelance Artist
Surreal product visualization of Gispen classics furniture
Outdoor Candles
Based on their mood boards, Saltvision created all settings. We think along with the client and give our honest opinion about what looks best. We loved this partnership.
Dark Stone Bathrooms
Trinity Form
Software: 3dsMax / Corona Render / Photoshop; Dark Stone Bathrooms- Design and visualizations, Client: Opoczno
DAYON Recharge
Render Vision
Product 3D renderings: DAYON Recharge
KTM Duke 125
Freelancer Artist
KTM Duke 125 Product visualization
New project Explorer 4
A new boat project with new lines and concept
Sitting Beauty
Render Art
Sitting Beauty is a project where the minimalic scenography playes the main part in order to expose the beauty of project
Mauser C96
Freelance Artist
Low Poly Game Ready Model / 2 Texture Sets / Tris: 16042 Polys: 9369
The Stroller
Altair Studio
THE STROLLER - Product Design Render. Software : Autodesk 3dsMax 2023 I Chaos Group V-Ray 6.2 I Adobe Photoshop Modeling l Texturing l Lighting
Mediterranean scene
nobrand studio
Mediterranean scene for new furniture catalogue.
Villa Mallorca
Render Vision
Interior visualization, Villa Mallorca.
Hi-Fi Decoded
@artnovion challenged us to develop some interior space concepts, with heavy inspiration in architectural spaces, for their new line of acoustic panels.
Solid Eye
Kinnie is a bittersweet soft drink synonymous with Malta. Having a rich history, it was a pleasure to create photorealistic visualisations of their commemorative bottle for a marketing campaign.
Solid Eye
A ´qassatata´ is a savoury pastry typical of the Maltese islands. The rich, buttery dough is traditionally filled with either a ricotta or a pea mix and enjoyed warm.
Rolex Daytona
Freelance Artist
Software : 3dsMax - V-Ray - PS
Fruit Photography
Freelance Artist
Food / Fruit 3D Photography Practice / Vintage .
Freelance Artist
Set of models made from scratch with old school modeling, no scans here.
New Audio Mixer
Studio Grafico Rotatori
Software : 3dsMax - V-Ray - PS
Tropical Modernism
Fat Tony studio
Tropical Modernism is a Architectural concept we have designed and visualized to promote 2 collections of outdoor furniture brand, Royal Botania.
Trancoso Armchair
Freelance Artist
Designer Luisa Moysés - one of the designers at Estúdio Breton - presents a line of products inspired by the landscapes of northeastern Brazil. Furniture that enchants for the flexibility of wood, brings innova
Furniture by Borek
A photoshoot at a beautiful location on the Aegean Sea . At least that's what it looks like...
Ebb and Flow Furniture
Ebb and Flow Furniture from Brooklyn contacted 3DUS and ordered photorealistic 3D models and renders for promoting their new collection.
3D visualization of project Montis.
Smart Watch
Freelance Artist
A product rendering for a tutorial
eClerx Furniture
eClerx Furniture is a furniture visualization project. 3D modeling and 3D rendering by 3DUS. Designer: eClerx Furniture. 2021
IKEA Candle Holders
Double Optics Studio
IKEA Candle holders & candles CGI modelling & texturing.
Omega Globemaster
Double Optics Studio
Test Renderings of the Omega Globe Master.
FMCG HIM Overseas
Him Overseas Pvt. Ltd.
FMCG prototyping for finalisation of CAD design & labels for Manufacturing.
Double Optics Studio
FMCG Design & Test Renderings
Master Chess
Freelance Artist
personal work in memoriam of a friend.
Lego Ghostbusters
Freelance Artist
LEGO Ghostbusters nº21108 & LEGO Ghostbusters_Firehouse Headquarters
Check-in Pod
Check-in Pod is a Product Visualization Project. 3D modeling and 3D rendering by 3DUS. Designer: Anna Maria Designs. 2021
Rose Lipstic
GPU Magic Studio
Rose Lipstic commercial Animation
Sony 4K HDR
Double Optics Studio
A small project undertaken to try product CGI.
Spellbound Sound
Freelance Artist
Trying the new Corona 7 physical material and its sheen layer I like it very much.
Freelance Artist
MICHI | Modeling and Rendering | Product presentation
Desktronic Desk
Freelance Artist
I was approached by Desktronic to create several visualizations of their electric standing desk. Aim was to showcase the features of the desk in an high-end environment.
OASE Hair Vitamins
Freelance Artist
CG visualization of OASE Hair Vitamins packaging.
Fit Delis
Freelance Artist
3D packaging visualization for Fit Delis – a plant based nutrition expertly designed to help you power through your workday and workout.
Gessi Inciso
Inspired by simplicity and tradition, the Gessi Inciso collection merges modern style with heritage details that invite touch and discovery as well as an inner need for a return to authenticity.
Still Image
Nowah Studio
A project i worked on in my break time
Cozy table
Freelance Artist
Collection of personal models, I made models, textures, shaders, lighting and the visual concept.
Secret Life Of Dolls
Freelance Artist
3ds Max | Vray| Marvelous Designer | Ornatrix | Photoshop
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