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Abou Shousha Karim
Abou Shousha Karim BehanceAbou Shousha Karim at FacebookAbou Shousha Karim vimeo

Abou Shousha Karim

Based in Egypt.


I'm a 3D Environment Artist and my dream would be to work at Pixar.


My skills:

– Advanced knowledge of high to low poly modeling and sculpting for game environments

– Strong background the creation of tileable textures/material blending for re-use on art assets
– Strong create realistic photo from any Real image
– Excellent understanding of modular workflow within game asset creation and world building
– Strong background in traditional art (composition, color, lighting, form)
– Skilled in guiding others in a team setting and communicating with various departments
– Modeled dynamic, high-detail, optimized hard surface models
– Applied textures using UVW mapping
– Realistically composed, lighted, and shaded 3D environments and props
– Created normal maps, ambient occlusion maps and specular maps
– Very strong rendering, v-ray, lighting, 
– Ability to learn new software and tools in a quick, timely manner


Architecture, Art Direction, Graphic Design, Digital Art.


Related Projects.

The Jungle Of Egypt
I tried to create a natural scene with realistic daylight with reference to MPC, a jungle book film.
Shine Village
Freelance Artist
Hello everyone, today I would like to show you my recent environment design.
Sci Fi
Hello everyone, this's the first time to create Sci-Fi scene and hard surface modeling.
The History Of The World
The history of world one of the best work I ever did. I tried to create an old feeling of lighting. I hope That you like it!
Carpenter Room
3d carpenter room is my last project, I hope that you like it.
Old Kitchen
3d old kitchen, I composite between 3d and real photo.
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