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Chelstowska Karolina
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Chelstowska Karolina

Based in Poland.


An architect with an emphasis on interior design and 3d graphics.

I’ve been working with 3d graphics for five years, but I have had a passion for computer generated images since I was a student. I gained valuable experience during the time I spent in a branding agency where I designed and rendered interiors of the best known Polish office buildings, including WTT, Q22, and CeDeT.

My experience as an interior designer lets me give you a professional assessment of your situation that will create the "wow" factor that you want in your images. I have also been trained to think about those things that others overlook.

I’m primarily responsible for interior images and contacts with our clients.




Architecture, Digital Art, Graphic Design.


Related Projects.

Apartment in Warsaw
Straight out from the most beautiful place in Poland - Mazury in collaboration with masurian architects Karolina Czupryniak (Chiliart studio) and Daria Golińska.
Taikoo Place
#VisualWander2018 *Contest - Top 20 - 18th Place.
LAB House
We believe that the most exclusive goods are not things. The silence is gold of the future. We created LAB house interiors.
New York Apartment
Hi, I would like to show you my latest work. All images rendered in Fstorm.
LM Guest House
LM Guest House designed by Desai Chia Architecture.
Hotel Room
Hotel Room in Germany. Our recent project, we hope you'll like it!
White Home Office
Hotel Room in Germany. Our recent project, we hope you'll like it!
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