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Evans Jonathan
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Evans Jonathan

Based in UK.


3D visualisation is something I fell into, when I was younger I had no idea what I wanted to do, I knew I was fairly good at art and was interested in the arts in general but I made my money through various retail jobs and practising art in spare time before deciding to go onto university and study Architecture. The possibility of university was something my brother suggested and I managed to get into London South Bank University based on my pencil drawings and various other bits of art I did in my spare time. They seemed to see some potential so luckily I got a chance! 3D very quickly became a way of explaining my ideas in my presentations and after a year or so became an obsession to the detriment of my Architecture studies. Whilst I enjoyed Architecture I knew I would never become as good as other people in the class because I could see they loved it so much more and they could see I loved CGI. I continued to study and take various online courses before getting my first Junior role at Cityscape Digital where I learned a huge amount about the industry in general, production processes and most importantly, working as part of a team. Ever since I've been practising in spare time and continually trying to improve my technical and artistic knowledge with the focus on achieving a photo-real look to my work through detailed shaders, lighting and modelling. 

As a lot of people, my influences are Alex Roman, I think The Third and Seventh film will be the standard for arch-viz for a long time to come, Bertrand Benoit, Peter Guthrie, Blackhaus, Juraj Talcik and many other artists of whom I've read amazing tutorials and have shared invaluable tips and tricks which have helped massively. Grant Warwick has helped me and the industry in general to produce higher quality work and I want to thank all of them for taking the time to share their knowledge. 

My software of choice is 3D Studio Max, Vray and Photoshop but I also love to use Corona and Fstorm. Please have a look at my website www.lookupcgi.com for more work and get in contact if you have any questions. Hopefully I'll be able to start a blog and begin to sell models/tutorials through my site in the near future. Thanks for looking and stay creative!


Digital Art, Architecture, Illustration.



Visualisation Artist
Cityscape Digital — London, United Kingdom

Senior Visualisation Artist
ModelworksMedia — London, United Kingdom

Digital Artist
Forbes Massie — London, United Kingdom

Maris Interiors LLP — London, United Kingdom


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Mercedes AMG GT
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Mercedes AMG GT Milau Viaduct. Part of my ongoing practice with car rendering was to model an entire 3D scene around the car, I always loved the sleek design of the Milau Viaduct so I chose that.
Reading Corner
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Hi. This project was inspired by a photo from Dwell - a very good source for photos of really nice interior spaces.
Sao Tomas Apartment
Lookup CGI
This scene is inspired by a renovation project by Felipe Hess in Sao Tomas. I came across this project on Yatzer and immediately loved the style, furnishings and photography.
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