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Fernandes Pedro
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Fernandes Pedro

Based in UK.


ARQUI9 was, founded in 2011 by , Pedro Fernandes, 2D/3D Architectural Visualization Artist. 

The Studio is directed by Pedro Fernandes, who also lends his capabilities to other studios as a collaborative Artist/Architect.

Some of the companies and works Pedro has lent his Visualization and Architectural skills to include;

- Foster+Partners, ARUPS, Richard Rogers (Roger + Stirk and Harbour), Crystal CG, LOCOG (London Olympics Committee), F10 Studios, The Design Solution, Vyonyx

- Working on a number of world wide projects, specializing in Airport redesign at The Design Solution London, bringing together visual design with architecture.
Practiced and built as a freelance architect, not only in studios from the UK and Australia, but also within Australia. Within a team environment and also solo.

- Participated as a Lecturer and Invited Speaker, to present work at conferences spanning the Globe – United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Portugal and Italy.

- Invitations to work with some of the leading game studios (Electronic Arts) and also as a matte painter for the Games Industry on the Halo 4 Game Trailers, who seek a different architectural vision for their work

- Commissioned to create works/tutorials for a Leading Tutorial Website – Digital Tutors 

He also lectures regular workshops at various points across the globe, not only on his work and techniques but as a motivator and entrepreneur.

- Sofia, Bulgaria 2012 – Computer Arts - Talk about my Journey and Work that lead to the creation of one of my Matte Paintings.
- Rome, Italy 2013 – Creative Pro Show – Workshop on Matte Painting and Visualization for a leading Italian Photography and Retouching Group

- London, United Kingdom – 3DS London – Invited speaker, to show some of the work that I have developed

- London, United Kingdom – Roger Stirk and Partners – Invited to lecture a one day course in VRay / 3Ds Max


Architecture, Interior Design, Digital Art.


Related Projects.

Riyadh Metro Station
Latest project out of our ovens at Arqui9 Visualisation. "Once in a while we're blessed with the good fortune and luck to have a "sort of open brief" or one that works particularly well to our style and sci-fi taste.
Perkins Will Oman
Our project for Perkins + Will in Oman.
Dyrvik Norway
Our project in Norway.
SOM Kula
Our project for SOM.
Perkins Will Hotel
Our project for Perkins + Will.
Gansam Science Park
Our project for Gansam Architects, Science Park, 4th Place.
Perkins Will Isafahan
Our project for Perkins + Will, Isafahan, Competition Winner.
Perkins Will Undisclosed
Our project for Perkins + Will.
White Space Dubai
Our project for White Space Architects in Dubai.
SOM China
Our project for SOM in China.
NBBJ Jordan
Our project for NBBJ in Jordan.
Perkins Will Chedi
Our project for Perkins + Will in Chedi.
Dyrvik Architects Norway
Our project for Dyrvik Architects in Norway.
Hawkins Brown London
Our project for Hawkins Brown in London.
Undisclosed Arizona Villa
Our project in Arizona.
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