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Hashemi Mohsen
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Phoenix Studio Design

Hashemi Mohsen

Based in Iran.


I started visualization when I was in college. At that time we were working with max 2009 and Scanline. It was so boring, but updating to V-Ray version took all kinds of visualization to a professional level. I use it for all my Engineering Projects such as trade centers or malls and all kinds of results were fine for employers and they could see what they wanted to build. Actually I've worked in almost 200 different projects including all kinds of interior and exterior design. I have worked in many architectural and civil companies and I've learnt a lot. I offer my services  in several countries such as Iran,Turkey, Kuwait and Dubai and this kind of work is wonderful when you can make your ideal design with your considered software. The 3D world makes all our dreams come true.


Architecture, Interior Design, Digital Art.


Related Projects.

Phoenix Studio Design
My latest work for practice on some rendering method. I hope you 'll like it!
Office 44
Phoenix Studio Design
One of my recent projects. Design by Yodezeen architecture. I hope you 'll like it!
Small Apartment
Phoenix Studio Design
My latest Interior Design!
King Size
Phoenix Studio Design
My Latest Commercial work for M&D. I hope you 'll like it!
Glorious Invasion
Phoenix Archviz Team
My free time work, I hope that you like it!
Forest Villa
Phoenix Archviz Team
My free time work, I hope that you like it!
The White House
Phoenix Archviz Team
This work is for an Indian client! We hope that you like it!
B&W Kitchen
Phoenix Archviz Team
My New Design for kitchen accessories company in Canada.
Master Bedroom
Phoenix Archviz Team
My renders since I was working on a project, I hope that you like it!
Modern-Classic Dining Room
Phoenix Archviz Team
My Design for a modern-classic Dining Room.
Darya Twin Tower
Phoenix Archviz Team
This was one Alternative for twin tower in iran From our company.
Cozy Firelace
Phoenix Archviz Team
This is a personal work. I tried a warm place with an expert fireplace.
Artist Bedroom
Phoenix Archviz Team
sometimes designs should be based on spirits of customers. this result was for aa artist client ...
Working Room
Phoenix Archviz Team
It was my free time work . . .
Minimal Villa
Phoenix Archviz Team
villa town in north of iran usually made by many detail and complicate . . . but this time i wanted to design a minimal,warm and a cozy place for a client. here is the result
Multipurpose Sky Scrapper
Phoenix Archviz Team
this was my work on a multipurpose sky scrapper in Dubai . . .
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