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Hauer Jost
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Hauer Jost

Based in Germany.


-Architectural visualizations make the future tangible.

-Imagine being able to present your ideas to prospects and project partners, as if they already existed. As a 3D agency we materialise design ideas.

-We breathe life into plans and models, thus facilitating communication in the planning phase.

-For architectural competitions, the client or the project planning offers the 3D architectural visualization an important tool. It's a tool that helps you plan more efficiently and present architecture in the planning phase in an emotionally appealing way.



Architecture, Interior Design, Digital Art.


Related Projects.

Parkhaus Kreuzlingen
Our client Kistler-Vogt Architekten has won the competition for the new car park in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland.
Competition In Switzerland
Another senior residence in Switzerland, this time from Wild Bär Heule Architects from Zurich. AND they also won first prize in the competition! Congratulations!
Hallenbad Appenzell
Mak – Appenzell – Hallenbad Appenzell
Plain Du Loup
Mg AssociéS – Lausanne – Plain Du Loup.
Oxford Forum Lounge
Haverkamp Innenarchitektur – Oxford Forum Lounge
Sparkasse Gutersloh
Hauer Dipl. Ing. Architekten Bda – GüTersloh – Sparkasse
Medecins Sans Frontieres
Pool & Mak Architekten - Operations Center Msf - Geneva
Josef Albers Museum
Zimmer Schmidt Architekten - Bottrop - Extension Josef Albers Museum.
Extension Museum Geneva
Mak - Geneva - Archive Naturistic Museum.
Behet Bondzio Lin - Berlin - New Building Mathemathic Building And Imos.
Institute Of Music
Dbco - Osnabrueck - Hs Osnabrueck Institute of Music
Garden Settlement Frohburg
Galli Rudolf Architekten - ZüRich - Garden settlement Frohburg
New University Campus
Mj2b Architekten Ag - Brig - New university campus
Residential Complex
Joachim öHme + Partner Bg - Paderborn - residential complex Alanbrooke
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