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Lindqvist Johannes
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Creative Army

Lindqvist Johannes

Based in Sweden.


Photoreal 3D visualisation makes a deep impression when knowing that the design only exists as an idea and not in reality. The image affects you both emotionally and rationally and is a very powerful way to convince your customers and collegues.

I'm a 3D generalist based in southern Sweden, focusing mainly on architectural and interior visualisation. I have a background at IKEA communications where I spent almost 5 years making images for the worlds most printed catalog and

Today I'm working as an artist for hire via our advertising agency Creative Army. We can do stunning visualizations for you, but we can also do so much more.


Architecture, Interior Design, Digital Art.


Related Projects.

Ovre Husargatan 7
Creative Army
A personal 3D project made to explore the similarities and differences between 3D renders and photographs, trying to figure out what photo realism actually is. The project is basically a replica of a real-estate photoshoot by "Entrence Mäkleri" of an apartment with the same name.
Porsche 911 Turbo
Creative Army
Sunday night "doodle" 5 hours (+ ?x pervious hours for shading the car). Rendered with FStorm. Render times between 3 to 17 minutes in 2000px.
Car Paint Shader
Creative Army
I was testing some carpaint, actually got assistance from Jeff Patton. Not 100% pleased but I guess it deserves a spot on Behance! Rendered with FStorm, between 2-10 minutes in 1500px, 3x 980ti. No post processing, all is pure rendered image.
D2 Interior
Creative Army
Added a new image, the first one. A test I made with my own shot HDRI using, for me, new techniques.
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