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Lindqvist Johannes
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Lindqvist Johannes

Based in Sweden.


The market for computer-generated images is a crowded one, but few artists have mastered the art of absolute photorealism as Johannes Lindqvist, making him a leader in a rarefied industry. His images are not only indistinguishable from reality, they are also marked by an inimitable style. His velvety CGI doesn’t feel digital but emotional, analogue and alive. Like any top photographer, his main tool is his eye.

For more than a decade, Johannes has worked with some of Sweden’s largest companies and its most famous designers to develop marketing imagery, produce memorable interior and product visuals, and generally make visible that which doesn’t exist.

As a renowned artist and avid experimenter, Johannes has been an active participant in the professional conversation around visualization and virtual photography. He has held keynote speeches at D2 Conferences in Vienna, State of Art Academy Day in Venice, and Architectural Visualization Days in Gothenburg.

Trained as an in-house artist at IKEA, the world’s largest furniture retailer and a pioneer of digital catalogue imagery, Johannes now runs Illusive Images, his studio, with fellow founder Daniel Reuterswärd while developing new surface scanning techniques with Texture Supply. His clients are located around the world, with a focus on Sweden and the US.

When not sitting at his computer or meeting with clients face-to-face, as he prefers, Johannes can generally be found jetting around the world, a camera in hand, looking for the perfect frame.

Bertrand Benoit.





Architecture, Interior Design, Digital Art.


Related Projects.

"The malevik kitchen installed in a house located near the beach".
Beige Traditional
Wonderful classic apartment styled in calm and inspiring colors that are easy for the eyes and mind.
Kitchen design
Kitchen design inspiration. Lotta Agaton Interiors.
This is a personal project I made out of several different scenes made for various purposes. The goal was to explore how I could add life and movement to otherwise static scenes.
IKEA Push-to-open Kitchen. Inspired by original photography from my former employer IKEA
Insane concrete floor
Testing the insane concrete textures from my good friend Martin over at Texture Supply.
Watch renders
NOT A WATCH RENDERING PRO, but maybe you'll pick something up.
3D Chair
Some close up shoots of a nicely designed chair.
A whole bunch
A whole lot of boring product renders.
Concrete tests 2
Freelance Artist
Some more tests using Martin's concrete texture scan on walls and floor.
1997 Cooper
Bought this amazing model from Andreas Ezelius to try make some car renders which I haven't done in two years. Didn't come with max file so I had to recreate all shaders, a bit of a pain but still fun.
Allen Key
Replication of the Allen Key House by Studio Prineas.
Foggy Bimmer
Same BMW, same studio, some adjustments to lighting and added crap load of atmospheric fog.
Images made mainly to present the new towel texture from Texture Supply. The base for this project is the classic scene from Bertrand Benoit, which I have completely repurposed.
Pre Modern kitchen
I saw a swedish TV show and they had this wonderful art direction and mood in some scenes which inspired me to try to make something similar. Spent the night re-purposing one of my old scenes.
R&D HDRI + Backplate
Here's a first test result with our HDRI, backplate and a rendered BMW M4.
Ovre Husargatan 7
A personal 3D project made to explore the similarities and differences between 3D renders and photographs, trying to figure out what photo realism actually is. The project is basically a replica of a real-estate photoshoot by
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