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Mahajan Sachin
Mahajan Sachin BehanceMahajan Sachin at Facebook

Mahajan Sachin

Based in India.


I try to do little 3D when I am not doing research on Aliens :)


Multiple 3DTotal.com Excellence Awards
Multiple 3DTotal.com Image of the Month Awards
Multiple Projects Featured on Evermotion.com Home Page
Interview Published By 3Dtotal.com
Multiple Project Featured On Official Corona Renderer Gallery and Facebook Page
Multiple Image of the month feature on Evermotion.com collaborated with Vray Workshop
Multiple Projects Shared by Chaos Group on Official Vray Page.
Image of the Month by CG 3D World
Multiple Feature on VrayWorld.com
Multiple Image of The Week Award on 3DWorld
Evermotion Forum Users Award
Vray Learning Image of The Week Award
CG Vertex Inspiration Gallery Addition
Multiple Feature on Vrayworld.com Articles
CG Vertex Best of Gallery Addition
Ronan Bakerman Weekly Feature
CG Vertex Top 5


Architecture, Interior Design, Digital Art.


Related Projects.

Sal B4
Hello! This Is my new project, Lille Drom: SAL B4, in Denmark. Thank you for viewing and have a lovely day!
B2 Kitchen
Kitchen Visualization.
Frozen is a photo montage. I tried to use some techniques used for car rendering. Only subject of interest is 3D with Light and Plate match.
Swedish Living
This is a new personal project made by Maggi Samir and myself. We only had 3 reference photos of real house so it was bit hard to understand plan but I guess things went ok ;)
This is my new personal project, Nordhemsgatan 67 B, Linnestaden, Sweden Beautifuly designed small apartment by Alvhem: Makleri & Interior.
Stylish Interior featuring custom wine cabinet.
Simple kitchen Visualization.
Miele Upclose
Featuring Miele Kitchen Elements
Small Bathroom
Creative design for very small bathroom space.
B.I. Plaza
This is my new project. As it is hot like hell here now days. I thought I should make something to imagine the mystic rainy season.
krasivaya: Russian Federation! Living Room Visualization.
Weekend Cabins.
Copenhagen Episode I
This is the first set from the series of images we are creating for the project situated at Nyhavn, Copenhagen by 3D-Vizual. Hope you will like them.
House In Copenhagen
Housing Project in Copenhagen : Denmark. Thank you for viewing and have a nice day!
Makleri Fireplaces
Hi, this is my new project. A beautiful apartment featuring 3 fireplaces by Makleri & Interior. Special Thanks To: Rajko Stijakovic (Bosnia) & Nasrin Islami (Iran). Thank you for viewing and have a nice day!
The Terrace
This is a new project I made in co-operation with 3D-Vizual. Located at Beautiful Beach side Solrød Copenhagen. Background is from actual site.
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