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Michalski Tomek
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Freelance Artist

Michalski Tomek

Based in Poland.


Tomek Michalski currently lives in Gdansk, Poland. For 3 years he has been running a small office, creating high-quality 3D visualisations. Design challenges which he always sets for himself played a great part in developing his design skills. He has always been fascinated by widely understood design and architecture. He also tries to design anything from small industrial forms to small architecture. He cannot imagine life without 3d which is his passion to this day.  


Interior DesignDigital ArtArchitecture.


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Freelance Artist
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Freelance Artist
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Hello folks! I created a new scene, I hope that you like it!
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The “at kitchen” project is a design of a minimalist kitchen in an old tenement house.
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My first architectural concept.
T.R.Y project is a personal project I created in my free time.
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