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Mombelli Stefano
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Level Archiviz

Mombelli Stefano

Based in Italy.


We don't just create pictures. Each one tells a story.

We offer photo realistic rendering services. images of interiors, exteriors and product display. We cooperate with many studies of Italian and foreign architecture, design companies for the production of catalogs and real estate.



Architecture, Interior Design, Digital Art.


Related Projects.

Northern Lights
Level Archiviz
Thi is our latest personal visualizations. Every time we create an image, we use memories or lived experiences. We had fun making this image, the result of one of our last trips to Lapland. We did not see the Northern Lights, but we would have liked it!
Level Archiviz
Like every year, we've tried to convey our Christmas feelings through an image.
Back To Home
Level Archiviz
The true spirit of the journey is the return ;)
Tree House
Level Archiviz
Who has not ever dreamed of having a treehouse? So we imagined seeing an abandoned treehouse, walking through a forest… We really hope you enjoy our work ;)
Atelier in Stockholm
Level Archiviz
Images based on atelier of illustrator Sara N Bergman.
Swedish apartment
Images based on the picture of the art director Hans Blomquist.
Mountain chalet - Cortina
Level Archiviz
These images were created for the Arch. Giovanni Cattani.
Scandinavian Hotel
Level Archiviz
The idea was to put a building in a Scandinavian landscape that reminded the mountains
Guggenheim Museum
Level Archiviz
New Guggenheim Museum of Helsinki Competition designed by NAT Office - Christian Gasparini architect
Apartment in Milan
Level Archiviz
In this interior the warm colors of ceramic tiles blend with the materials of the kitchen and wooden chairs.
Norwegian cottage
Level Archiviz
This is our last personal work. Our approach in this project as visualizers was to create images that would tell a story.
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