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Myo Zuko
Myo Zuko BehanceMyo Zuko at Facebook
Freelance Artist

Myo Zuko

Based in Vietnam.


My name is Xuan Nam and Zuko myo is my nickname. I was born and I'm currently living in Vietnam. I am male and I am 25 years old. I have studied architecture, but due to my passion for art I'm now trying to become an artist.

All of my work comes from my own feelings. I want people to sense my feelings through my projects. I'm looking forward to everyone's feedback. You can contact me via my social network or email.


Digital Art, Interior Design, Architecture.


Related Projects.

Old Gate
Freelance Artist
One of my recent projects just for relaxation and fun. I hope you'll like it!
Urban Style Office
Freelance Artist
Something new in my work; a challenge and a completely new experience. I hope you'll like it! Please give me your comments. I appreciate it!
Master Bedroom AN7
Freelance Artist
This job is my new experience of Poliform style. The contrast is strong in texture and color, warm and gentle. Hope you enjoy it. Best regards, Myo CG!
Navie Chair
Freelance Artist
This is my new model. My experiment with fabric materials. I hope that you like it!
Freelance Artist
I love art. I found myself in when I make art. And,Here is my work in free time Hope you'll like it .
Honda CB750-K
Freelance Artist
Motorcycle is my 2nd passion after 3dmax. It's one of my big goals. Materials used are mainly aluminum and steel, it excites me every time. And I try to describe the most accurate details. Hope you like it.
Small room
Freelance Artist
A new experience, this is my design style. A room with items from recycled materials combined with color, creating a new feel. All your feedback is welcome ... please. thank you.
Suburban home
Freelance Artist
Here are my feelings at the moment, I take it that you feel. thanks.
Freelance Artist
A combination of natural light in the space. limited artificial light .. to make a cozy little space bedroom.
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