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Pamuk Ufuk
Pamuk Ufuk at Facebook
Ufuk Pamuk Studio

Pamuk Ufuk

Based in Turkey.


Digital Art, Architecture, Interior Design.


Related Projects.

Reloaded Short Film
Ufuk Pamuk Studio
Hello to everyone. I have seen a lot of cities for 11 months, I have returned from the army with a greeting.
Brown Building
Ufuk Pamuk Studio
Hello everyone after a long time I wanted to do an architectural work from scratch. I hope you 'll like it!
Byzantine Haghia Sophia
Freelance Artist
While working at Digiflame, I share with you the scenes of Byzantine Haghia Sophia (CG), Mehmed Bir Cihan Fatihi.
Cayman S
Ufuk Pamuk Studio
One of my recent projects. I hope you'll like it!
Shot CG
Ufuk Pamuk Studio
Hi everyone, my recent work (Shot), I hope that you like it!
Nature Refuge
Ufuk Pamuk Studio
Hello everyone ! This is the "Nature Refuge Shot Film" I 've been working on for a long time, about 3 months and I 've recently finished it. It is a completely CG project and I really hope that you will like it. Thanks for watching!
Freddo Shot Film
Ufuk Pamuk Studio
Hi everyone me and ( Kerem Mucur ) have been working on an animation project called Freddo in our spare times and we finally completed the project. We hope you like it!
Desierto santuario
Ufuk Pamuk Studio
Hi everyone this is my last work . I hope you will like it!
Estilo Clasico
Ufuk Pamuk Studio
Hi everyone this is my last work . I hope you will like it!
Habitacion Blanca
Ufuk Pamuk Studio
Hello everyone. Here is my last work which name is 'Habitación blanca'. It has a bit traditional scene concept but i enjoyed when i was working. I hope you will like it. :)
Ufuk Pamuk Studio
Hi everyone, I'm presenting you my work which name is (Autumn). This work is totally built in 3ds max. there is only color correction adding in photoshop :)
Crescente Biblioteca Detail
Ufuk Pamuk Studio
Hi everyone. My Last Work Crescente Biblioteca Detail... I hope that you like it!
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