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Peter Beerens
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Grizli Studio

Peter Beerens

Based in Netherlands.


Our story is the story of our customers. We translate the plans and ideas they have into images and make them tangible. For us, impressions are the connecting element that brings all parties together. Heineken once said: I don't sell beer, I sell fun. The same goes for us, we don't make impressions, we create enthusiasm and feeling.

Making a good impression is not just making a beautiful image, it is taking the viewer to a memory, responding to the feeling. A warm summer evening, a rainy autumn day, the stove inside, the images must speak.

How do we do that?

Our impressions are characterized by an interplay of point of view and composition, lighting and atmosphere and – last but not least – an eye for detail. These themes are always fleshed out in consultation with our clients.

The driving force behind Grizli Studio is Peter Beerens. With a Master's degree in Architecture in his pocket, he soon understood that his passion did not lie with the entire design process, but with the challenge of making an idea visual. Together with other designers, we have been doing this successfully for 7 years from the beautiful Factory in Delfshaven.




Architecture, Interior Design, Digital Art.




Exterior impressions
Interior impressions
Bird's-eye views
3D Floor Plans
Virtual Reality 360° impressions


Related Projects.

Villa by Grizli
Personal project - Design for a modern Villa
PWA Kazerne Gouda
Grizli Studio
Transformation of PWA Kazerne te Gouda
Interior Weststrasse
Grizli Studio
Weststrasse Plauen - Interior Apartment Transformation
Setax Doetinchem
Grizli Studio
Transformation of industrial site Setax to appartments with residential courtyard
Weststrasse Plauen
Grizli Studio
An old building for the fabrication of lace is being transformed to luxury appartments.
Rosentreppe Plauen
Grizli Studio
Introducing ´Rosentreppe´ Plauen: two new apartment blocks crowning a Plauen hill. Inhabitants will have stunning panoramic views of German Vogtland´s.
Residência MA
Grizli Studio
Residência MA - Jacobsen Arquitetura (case study)
Heemhoes Hengelo
Grizli Studio
Image set for the pavilion ´Heemhoes´ in Hengelo, commissioned by StudioDAT architects.
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