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Samun Maksym
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Freelance artist

Samun Maksym

Born in Ukraine.


Interior Design, Architecture, Digital Art.


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Scandinavian Gray
Freelance Artist
Welcome all friends. I drew for myself just for pleasure and the that's what happened. I hope that you like it!
Freelance artist
This is my first full exterior, whose goal was to improve the visualization of vegetation. In order not to convert the image into a commercial kind of, I decided to execute the project in the atmospheric and artistic style.
This Morning Last Night
Freelance artist
Welcome friends! The main task was to convey the atmosphere and mood of the American heartland. Idea has gathered flipping through a Pinterest, scooped further inspiration from films: "The Place Beyond the Pines," and "Drive".
Dawn Kitchen
Freelance artist
Hi guys! The basis was taken the old commercial project. Leaving only the concept of furniture arrangement, replaced all the materials, lights and appliances. Pictures in the original can be seen on Behance.
Autumn morning
Freelance Artist
Guys bring to your attention the project, it has invested a lot of time and effort. First and foremost I would like to raise the visa and the mood of autumn.
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