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Sanchaniya Mohit
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Sanchaniya Mohit

Based in India.


I'm professional CGI artist and interior design specialist for the creation of high-end digital sets. I have worked directly in all stages of a traditional 3d production pipeline (Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, post-production for still and film). I have got my specialization in lighting, post production and photographic direction. 

To better assist our clients, I'm constantly improving my capabilities as an artist/entrepreneur to always delivers the highest quality material possible with a deeply understanding of the industry, trying always to understand our clients needs and working with high-end technology, we're able to synthesize their ideas in products that go beyond their expectation, this what we believe as an ideal product.

In each visual I create I strive to combine the passion for computer-generated imagery with the love for interior design, architecture and enjoy the process of modeling bespoke furniture and decorative elements for my scenes.

I work with experimental CGI and design projects, which have an important role in my intellectual and conceptual development, aside CGI.



Architecture, Interior Design, Digital Art.


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