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Woolley Ashton
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Woolley Ashton

Based in Australia.


Ashton Woolley is an experienced 3D Generalist with strong focus on: Visualisation VRED / V-Ray / Maya Polygon Modeling / Lighting & Rendering / Post Production Retouching and Photography for HDRI On Set Recreation & Back-plates.

Notable agencies and clients: Ford Automotive, Method Studios, XYZ Studios, 21-19, Reactive Media - Working on a range of tasks from Cricket Australia, 2XU, KFC, Shell Helix, Crown Casino.

Ashton has broad knowledge of everything 3D / CGI / Photography. Since being involved in the CGI realm from the age of 15, this has led to regular freelance work at XYZ Studios first week out of University where the work ranged from Automotive Polygon Modelling to a Lead VFX Technical Role with live action footage. Followed by multiple personal learning projects throughout 2013, furthering his skill set and confidence to obtain a contractor position at Iloura/Method Studios in early 2014, working in TVC.

His photography skill set has opened many doors that cross path with CGI with the ability to capture on-set HDRI 360 spherical maps & back-plates for set recreation and photo-realistic rendering. 

Ashton relocated to Cologne, Germany to work for G2 Design in early in 2014 whom are major contracting firm for Ford Automotive Company his role is the Lead Visualization Designer and Polygon Modeller 

Learning Alias in 2015 will make him a well versed in everything from Surface Modeling (Alias), Concept Modeling (Maya/Polygon) & Visualization (VRED, V-Ray, Adobe Suite)


Digital PhotographyAutomotive DesignAdvertising.


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Ford Kuga 2015
CLIENT: FORD EUROPE AGENCY: G2 DESIGN Images courtesy of Ford Motor Company.
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