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YuconVR Team
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YuconVR Team

Based in Netherlands.


YuconVR is a studio specializing in the field of professional 3D visualizations in the real estate sector. Our mission is to show you the future.

YuconVR was founded in 2001 by Daan Veldmaat. Production of house plans was the first major stream of work. YuconVR has remained a flat network organization that works with permanent partners all over the world. The design studio is located in Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam.

Why work with YuconVR?
More than 70 architecture and real estate offices are active in the Netherlands. What makes YuconVR different from all other visualization agencies is:
Do not think in terms of “making pictures” but think in terms of interaction solutions. Whether it concerns more attention, involvement, faster sales or a smoother design process for a new construction and transformation project.
In short, it is about the goal that a client wants to achieve with our productions. We first provide an answer to this, before a customer may unnecessarily invest in the incorrect resources. More than 15 years of experience, 3000 projects successfully completed. If you plot this track record against the competition, there aren't that many left.
YuconVR delivers better quality for normal prices. Constantly innovating in interactivity. YuconVR is constantly improving and innovating virtual reality. This involves joint synchronous VR viewing and making choices in the interior finish during a virtual tour.




Architecture, Interior Design, Digital Art.


Related Projects.

Detail Images
We already made so many images and also so many detail impressions. Each detail is a small piece of art. Hereby I want to share a selection of our detail images we made.
Animation Parq Waal
For Van Pelt Group we were allowed to make this animation of the Parq Waal project in Barendrecht
Brainpark in Rotterdam is in transition from a business park to a mixed-use environment. In one of the most prominent places, opposite the Erasmus University and
Casa Vita animation
For Blauwhoed we were allowed to make this animation of building number 61 for the Casa Vita project in Pijnacker.
Bicycle Factory
We were able to make a wide range of visuals for the Fietsznfabriek project in Haarlem. Impressions, maps, housing selector and an animation (with a cyclist, no, not a VanMoof). Below you will find the impressi
Aarlesche Erven
For Van Wanrooy we were allowed to make the visuals for the Aarlesche Erven project part plan 3.
Weidezicht Veldhoven
Animation for apartment complex Weidezicht Veldhoven
Rijswijksche Vlechteri
For the Rijswijksche Vlechterij project, we have done our best to give a good impression of living in green and on the water.
The Dwight
We have created both 3D exteriors and 3D interiors along with detailed impressions for a luxurious new build project called “The Dwight” in The Hague.
Boswinkel Visuals
We were asked to provide the tender impressions for the Boswinkel project in Enschede for Trebbe and In Combination. The tender consisted of various parts and Trebbe won part.
On The Hill
We were able to design these two exteriors for the new construction project ´On The Hill´ in Arnhem.
Easter impressions
Let your creativity bloom this Easter! We challenged our creative heroes to make a spectacular Easter impression. Get ready for an explosion of inspiration and colour. Happy Easter on behalf of the YUCONVR team
We are proud of our contribution to the new construction project Tuindershof for our client Heijmans. Our task was to provide the visuals.
Animation Triadome
Triadome Leidschendam-Voorburg is an innovative project in which a lot of enthusiasm and effort has been put into it. We are proud that we were able to realize the various expressions of this project.
We are proud of our contribution to the new construction project De Meiboom in Aalst. Our task was to provide the visuals and animation.
Heijmans will realize various types of homes in the Nieuwe Zand project in ´s-Gravenzande. We were able to provide the visuals for this project.
Casa Vita
For Blauwhoed we were allowed to make the impressions for the Casa Vita project in Pijnacker.
‘s-Gravenweg 454
We have been commissioned by Leitmotiv to provide the exterior and interior impressions for the building, as well as to make 3D floor plans.
Interiors for Levels
Interiors for Levels Utrecht, bedroom and bathroom for the Levels Utrecht project.
Meiboom Animation
Animation we made for project Meiboom
Levels Utrecht 2
We make various interior impressions for project Levels in Utrecht. This time we were allowed to visualize building number 35 for De Koning Makelaars.
Rohe Collection
Bronkhorst make custom country houses. They tackled the identity and we were allowed to make a lot of visuals for that. See here a few impressions of the ROHE collection.
Parador The Hague
See here the first images we made for project Parador.
Royal Dutch
Animation we made for appartement complex REoyal Dutch Diemen.
De Hofdame
For the De Hofdame project we were allowed to create the visuals for Kikx and the content for the residential selector tool.
Bonheur Quatrebas
For the Bonheur Quatrebas project, we were allowed to create the visuals and the content for the residential selector tool for Ten Brinke, Leitmotiv and DWE Makelaars.
Levels Utrecht
See here the interior impressions that we were allowed to make for the project Levels in Utrecht for Sense.
LIV Restaurant
Interior impressions for LIV new restaurant, interior design by De Horeca fabriek.
Appartement complex in The Netherlands, Rotterdam Bernini. Client NBU.
Bosgaarde Zeist
For Dura Vermeer Bouw Hengelo we were allowed to realize the impressions for the submission tender Bosgaarde Kerckebosch in Zeist. Architect: GROOSMAN architects Landscape architect: MAKE space
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