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Freelance Artist

Home Is Wherever

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Home is wherever I'm with you! My latest 3d artwork is based on the renovated vintage airstream from the book " Tin Can homestead". I'm also very happy that it won the 3rd place in Evermotion competition "The perfect getaway".


3ds Max | Corona | Ps.




Related Projects.

Freelance Artist
ILIOVASILEMA (sunset), is the latest project showcasing a Greek modern Meditterenian style cottage-inspired by João Mendes Ribeiro.
Room in Mexico (UE5)
Freelance Artist
real-time cinematic animation with the UE5 and the new lumen Gi so no light baking, etc, totally real-time!
Beach Bar in Rhodes
Freelance Artist
My latest full 3d project showcasing a concept beach bar in the Greek island of Rhodes. Greek summer is always fantastic so I hope that I manage to transfer a bit of the mood through my renders
The Sewing room
Freelance Artist
"The Sewing room" is my latest personal visualization project that I try to catch the mood, mess of a sewing room but at the same time to reveal the dressmaker's hard work! 3dsmax, corona render, megascans and
The Green apartment
Freelance Artist
The Green apartment is my latest visualization project inspired by Konstancja Mora Korytowska's beautiful apartment located in Poland. 3dsmax, corona and ps used.
Restaurant in Milos
Freelance Artist
"Restaurant in Milos Island" is my latest full 3d project showcasing a concept restaurant in the Greek island of Milos. Greek summer mood with sepia sunset colors was my main target..
Small apartment
Freelance Artist
My latest project showcase a modern small double-height apartment. Artworks on the wall by Odysseas Anninos. 3dsmax, corona and ps used
Healing springs
Freelance Artist
Healing springs is my latest full 3d visualization project that I imagine some cabins near healing hot springs somewhere in Iceland. Would you take a relaxing bath there? Sometimes you won't be alone so watch o
Restaurant on the rock
Freelance Artist
"Quando la roccia incontra il mare" is my latest 3d visualization project inspired by the Gotta Palazzese Restaurant in Southern Italy.
The Reading Room
Freelance Artist
My latest fun 3d visualization project inspired by "House of Small Wonder" restaurant in Berlin but in my case is more like a relaxing reading room
The Loft
Freelance Artist
"The Loft" is my latest project inspired from the famous Architects & Designers Ludovica + Roberto Palomba loft space you can find in the link
Living in Colour
Freelance Artist
"Living in colour" is my latest 3d project showcasing a bright and colourful natural light living room.. As usual, 3dsmax, corona render and photoshop used.
The Mystery Path
Freelance Artist
My latest free time project showing a mountain path to mystery...3dsmax, corona, quixel and photoshop used
Finding myself
Freelance Artist
My latest cgi storytelling image describes the need to break our everyday routine and find sometime for ourselves
Waiting for you
Freelance Artist
personal project trying to create a story telling image..3dsmax, corona and ps used.
The Yard
Freelance Artist
The Yard is one of latest full Cgi projects i did for fun and i play more with the materials trying to create a realistic image. My reference is coming from Little Gore Street Studio by Tim Spicer
A winter morning
Freelance Artist
My latest full cgi 3d render project inspired from 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge lobby from INC Architecture & Design.
Green Bedroom
Freelance Artist
Green bedroom is my latest free time 3d work and first for 2019.. 3dsmax, corona and ps used.
Follow Me To Rome
Freelance Artist
Hi guys my latest artwork i did for fun and more as a concept...
Tiny Cabin In The Woods
Freelance Artist
Hi guys, my latest personal for fun project trying to give a photographic look.
Hide And Seek
Freelance Artist
Free time project to explore 3D scanned materials. I hope you'll like it!
Freelance Artist
Just for fun project inspired from an existing apartment.
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