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Freelance Artist

Back into dreaming

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3d concept art, sculpting lines of metal sinking inside the dreams.


3ds max - V-Ray - Ps.




Related Projects.

Behind The Gates
Freelance Artist
My concept&design - Behind =the Gates - I 've used a little bit of zbrush.
Interior Concept
Freelance Artist
One of my interior concepts & design. I hope you 'll like it!
Freelance Artist
my concept&design, Harmony. I used zbrush, I hope you 'll like it!
Shadows And Light
Freelance Artist
One of my recent concepts and design. I hope you 'll like it!
The Gate
Freelance Artist
my concept&design - i used 3dsmax for modeling the elements, zbrush for sculpting the details. I hope that you like it!
Black Edition
Freelance Artist
This is my last personal project an interior design concept - black edition, I hope that you like it!
Freelance Artist
Metal motion is my last personal project, I hope that you like it!
Freelance Artist
I used 3ds max for modeling and particle system, V-Ray for materials and render, Photoshop for depth of field and final view.
Freelance Artist
metal lines i used 3ds max to drawing it using NURBS point curve lines. harmony with the pulse.
Under the shadows
Freelance Artist
Sci-fi concept art - I sculpted the character in z brush, the elements of the place I used 3ds max to model it, V-Ray for materials and render. Photoshop for fog and some lighting effects.
We are leaving
Freelance Artist
My work was for mixing the dreaming with reality.
The Silence
Freelance Artist
Sculpting a skull mural piece without references or tablet in zbrush, then i put some shadows and some scratches in photoshop.
Mission A
Freelance Artist
I designed a prototype concept for sci-fi vehicle. full project coming soon.
Rising IN Hidden II
Freelance Artist
my sculpting work was about studying to mix old bronze with a future sculpture that i was sculpted with less of details and i did a manual material for it- old bronze - hope u enjoy
Rising IN Hidden
Freelance Artist
my sculpting work was about testing how it the feelings are rising from a little of the details.
Embers and Hope
Freelance Artist
I am used to make a smoothness form a solids and harsh things, then come to be soften when exposed to melt. But the result of this fusion is something new and beautiful .
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