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Freelance Artist

House Renovation

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A renovation project for a house in Koukaki, Athens (Greece)

This project dates back in 2022 and it involves the total refurbishment of a detached house in Koukaki, an up and coming neighborhood in Athens, Greece.

The residence was reconfigured and divided into 4 separate apartments ranging from 30 to 130 sq. meter each.

The specific one is a spacious 120 sq. m. apartment on the second floor. The design focuses on the human interaction aspect through common activities and entertainment. For that reason, the living room, dining room and kitchen area are unified to offer the owners the ability to interact with each other through a spacious living area.

Although the design approach is modern, certain elements were kept in place to reflect the “character” of the house and the late 50s design vibe.

The soft round forms along with a muted gray color palette, introduce a warm and welcoming ambience and the choice of reclaimed wood provides the needed vibrancy.

Architects: St. Damanou – Ah. Damanos




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