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Mohamed Lamine Boualita

Constantine - Algeria

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i simulate a real photo by this 3dart graphic


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Many of us suffer from the work routine and cannot change it, and this is what makes us tired and bored.
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it´s a story of Omar Mukhtar, also knows as the Lion of the desert. Leader of a Libyan resistance movement against Italy
Cathédral Santa Clara
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Simulation Of The Cathédral Santa Clara - Porto - Portugal
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A black memory from the effects of the devastating earthquake that struck Syria and Turkey at the beginning of this year
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Michael Jackson (1958-2009) The King Of Pop
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Street In Night Is an exciting genre. There's the contrast of light and dark, the movement of people, and the energy of the city
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Simulation . This Image Is Full CG Except The Mountains Left . No Scripts Used For Modeling . All Buildings are Placed Manually . 80% My Own Modeling . 20 % Archmodels
Work-Life Balance
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People in East Asia lives on fishing and have to move from one place to another to find a living and because of their constant mobility they live in mobile boats and live on what they hunt and sell names to mee
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A work that simulates the landscape of a quiet village On The Riverside
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I Simulate A Real Photo Of Hanoi City - Viet Nam
Middle Ages
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Inspired By Darek Zabrocki's Work - Poland 3d Max Vray Photoshop Hope You Like It
Unknown Street
Mohamed Lamine Boualita
simulation of a real street to get to more realistism
Freelance Artist
The year 2020 was difficult for everyone déesses epidemics wars and economic problems have caused many crises worldwide the best solution for sush circumstances may be to Live alone
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