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Freelance Artist


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Using a temporary composition, this is a loft made in 3ds max and photoshop to achieve the best result in the best immersion in 3d realism




Related Projects.

Study Exterior
Freelance Artist
In order to try to improve the external architectural visualization this study was done with inspiration and mPeter Guthrie. Thus helping in the composition and lighting of this illustration.
Study Corona Render
Freelance Artist
A study on materials and lighting lay on the corona using an internet photo reference to help achieve a better result
Freelance Artist
Another brief study of simple lighting and modern composition.
Lilu Vintage
Freelance Artist
Beautiful room with warm lighting using all the space for the best comfort in time to rest.
K Bedroom
Freelance Artist
Study of lighting and composition with references from other artists.
Freelance Artist
Clean composition of a small space.
Classic Bedroom
Freelance Artist
Small and simple composition made for this classic room.
Freelance Artist
A small composition inspired by the vintage style
Grey Up
Freelance Artist
Using the gray palette as a base for this small rustic bathroom, bringing together a simple scene composition.
Freelance Artist
Uncanny .. a mood atmosphere created to give suspense in this small motel room.
Café Reserva
Freelance Artist
Inspired by ancient European coffees in the classical industrial age this is the author's view for this study of composition and lighting.
Azaléia House - Study
Freelance Artist
Design 3d using inspirations to compose these cool renderings. The special purpose was        to fine tune lighting with the shaders of the objects used in this great environment.
Freelance Artist
Small suite modeled and rendered in vray and corona render.
Lotus Berthelotii
Freelance Artist
Using a more dramatic lighting concept for this 3D study, the focus was on keeping an industrial and rude theme.
Freelance Artist
Small vray lighting study using the work of as a volume. My intention was to keep the lighting and original composition of this beautiful work as faithful as possible. Workflow used was 3Ds max,
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