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Freelance Artist

Classic house N37

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A new look at one of our old projects

3D modeling, visualization and 3D design by Ilya Galinsky
Architects - Architectural Studio Velichkin and Golovanov
Help with modeling - Anastasia Savelyeva
Software: 3ds Max, Corona Renderer 7, Adobe Photoshop CC, Forest Pack
Year: 02/2022

Hello friends.
I would like to show you one of my latest works. The project itself is not new, you can see it in my earlier works.
House in Art Nouveau
Now this house has changed the style, we tried to keep the classical canons of architecture. It's also a little bit shorter in length. Because this house has a new client, we have made a completely new landscaping for it. Enjoy the view

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Art Nouveau style house in a pine forest. Remaking old work.
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