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T7 Studios

Dream Living

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Finally, after days of render the final images are here. A small description about this project. Designed & modeled in One day, textured and lit in the next day.


3ds Max | Corona | Ps.

Render started on the second as well. A Mix of Concrete, Metal & wood creates the perfect combination for a living space with a green box in the middle to grasp a piece nature.





Related Projects.

Leo La Terrasse
T7 Studios
Leo La Terrasse, is a restaurant located in the heart of Beirut Lebanon.
Harmony, a villa located in the heart of Dubai. An architectural concept stemmed from the pre existing structural columns that were turned into vaulted arches to give the entrance rythm, grandiosity & luxury.
Ganache Chocolatier
We cannot be happier seeing some of our visuals coming to life. Located in Serkal avenue Dubai, Ganache Chocolatier is a homegrown chocolate factory.
Lagos Office
T7 Studios
An office designed to make you feel like a Boss!
T7 Studios
Alongside a cafe located in UAE Abu Dhabi, we had the opportunity to work "alongside" with studio baab to deliver an astonishing design with breath taking renders!
Through My Lens
T7 Studios
I had some free time, so I decided to work on something different and fun.
Sky Tower - FF Living
T7 Studios
Located in Nigeria Lagos, we had the chance to work on some multiple residential units. That is the second part of sharing these visuals, the First Floor living room.
Sky Tower - FF Bedroom
T7 Studios
A tower located in Nigeria Lagos, we had the chance to work on some multiple residential units. We'll start sharing some glimpses from the bedroom.
T7 Studios
VA_036_01.2 - Is a bedroom located in a 3 stories villa.
T7 Studios
VA_036_01 - Is a project located in lebanon
T7 Studios
VA_036_01 is the GF of a Villa, more renders to come.
SG Villa
T7 Studios
SG - Is a villa located in the mountainous area of Lebanon.
PDL - Coffee Shop
T7 Studios
A small coffee shop, ready to deliver the best coffee.
A2 - Guest Bedroom
T7 Studios
A tiny room that is located in a huge villa, which i find the prettiest.
T7 Studios
A project designed to merge different geometry shape with a wide range of colors.
Cigar Lounge - Dubai
T7 Studios
A cigar lounge designed for a 5 star hotel in Dubai, the design speaks for itself.
Villa Adma
T7 Studios
A design proposal for a a villa in Lebanon Adma.
Mechanics Mania
T7 Studios
Finally after 4 months of battling with these images, it is finally here. I have to say that every piece has been modeled and not imported.
The Restaurant
T7 Studios
The restaurant is an existing space found on the internet, i decided to take the space and change the whole interior.
The Lamp
T7 Studios
The lamp is a personal project made to achieve higher realism in close ups, dirty lens effect was used in post production to make it look more real. This image was featured on 3D Artist magazine issue 92.
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