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House Salzburg

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Lichtecht works a lot for prefab house companies. In most cases, we create stills of the exteriors or interiors.

Sometimes we also produce animations or virtual reality or augmented reality applications. The house designs are often used for the average consumer, but sometimes architecturally sophisticated homes are to visualize. This here is one of them. I created a day and a dusk version and took a few images in addition to our portfolio.


3ds Max - V-Ray - Ps.




Related Projects.

Project in Berlin
A renovation project in Berlin we did. We wish you a nice weekend!
Classical Residence
Sometimes there are projects which could have so much more attention, so we decided to do some extra work to show, what could be possible.
Houses in a vineyard
Four different lightsetups. Which one is your favourite?
Vipp Shelter Interior
We did this interior project because of our fascination vipp shelter. Hope you like it the Images.
Lakeside Project
Today we show you some interiors in addition to the lakeside project. What do you think?
Classical House
A classical housing project. We often prefer (early) evening images because of more emotions.
Forest Cabin
A forest cabin. Do you want to live here?
Modern bavarian style
Modern bavarian style house wie did for a client. What do you think about this style?
The next building from the Soviet era is the "Druzhba" rest home in Yalta.
Residency in Frankfurt
This time we show you a project in Frankfurt, living in an exclusive location.
Skyline Hamburg
We think Hamburg has deserved more architectural highlights and so we designed in our current lichtecht project
Triangle Cliff House
A new internal project for fun and learn something new.
Residential Property
A great residential property we’re working on since a long time. Hope you like it!
Time Flies
For our own portfolio we did this timelaps piece. Hope you like it!
Ski Lodge
Last december, we at lichtecht GmbH did an internal project called ski lodge. this is my personal part of it.
Client: TIDEVAND Bau. Our client is planning the construction of a nationwide unique wellness & spa hotel resort in the middle of a forest. The task was to show the specificity of this project and to create images as photo-realistic as possible.
Kern House Interiors
We produce these nteriors images last november at lichtecht in a short time over a weekend for one of our main clients.
The B&B Italia room
This room is inspired by B&B Italia. I hope that you like it.
Viaduc De Millau
A short movie I made in my free time after building the Bridge last year.
Dune House
The Dune House on the Danish North Sea Coast
House of da Moss
Peter is a really good 3d artist. Since he won the best ArchViz Project, we have been watching his work carefully. In this project he created nice vegetation with natural green hues and he worked well with both materials and the camera’s position. Enjoy it!
The Bridge
Everything is 3D, including clouds and background. Shot from a forth coming animation for our new Demo Reel.
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