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Nox 3D

The light & furniture

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THE LIGHT & FURNITURE is an inspiration that I want to give you the momentum to furniture that surround us in relation to the light.

I create different places each individual making composition. In the coming months I will have completed the work and i upload all the images.


3ds Max - V-Ray - Ae.




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A Short Film is a full 3D HD Animation showing Minimalist architecture. The most challenging part was to give colour to the view.
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Hello All!!!This is a personal project..! I hope you liked.!C&C are always welcome..!!
Hello all.This is a personal project. I hope you liked.C&C are always welcome..!
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Hello all.This is a personal project. I love books and i wanted to give something like randomize. I hope you liked.C&C are always welcome..!
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Hi guys, I want to share the final update for ( The Rain Umbrellas ) I wanted to give a saddening atmosphere and i really hope you like it! A Full-CG and surreal Credits:3D max-Vray-AE-Onyxtree-&SĂ©rgio MerĂȘces OLIVE TREE. Best Regards Aris
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Hello there! I walk in the Forest and i found this!This is my personal project. I hope you like it.!C&C are always welcome..
The Light and Furniture
This is a part for The Light & Furniture series.
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