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Metro Cubico Digital

Market in Minas Tirith

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"Market in Minas Tirith" This is a non commercial fan project. All rights belong to their respective owners.

About this image:
Recreating one of the most iconic compositions in Lord of the Rings: Return of the King movie.
This full 3d scene was created by @jacintomvmonteiro to develop a color palette, test assets, afternoon light setup, part of a big work in progress which includes Minas Tirith.

About Battle-for-Middle-Earth Reforged:
Great project. Team of +30 fans worldwide trying to recreate a famous Real-Time-Strategy game, made by Electronic Arts in 2004, called Battle-for-Middle-Earth.
This time, fans are converting/creating/modding it for Unreal4 with 4k resolution.
I have been following this free RTS game project for more than 2 years now, if I am not mistaken.

Minas Tirith project:
Not long ago, I decided to challenge myself and help the BFME Reforged Team. I am now responsible for a Gondor part: Minas Tirith and surroundings.
Trying to also cover for image rendering: Osgiliath, Emyn Arnen all the way to Mordor´s Mount Doom.
Around 200x200km of landscape...
Honestly, I still have doubts that I will actually finish this all so recently I asked talented Brahim Halawani to join this "quest".
He is creating the height maps for the various landscapes while I am modelling Minas Tirith basic walls and all Gondor´s architectural typology.
Only 25% or even less is completed from our side.
Once the model is finished around 2021 lol (MT and landscape) it will be converted to Unreal4 by a part of BFME Reforged team and become playable and even destroyable.
Lets see how it goes but everyone is trying to do their best with a lot of passion and no one is rushing the project which is great.

I am sure it will be the best RTS game ever.




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Work done in 2011. Personal work focused on one of the main classroom buildings of FAUP - Oporto Architecture University.
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Single vacation house, located on West Cliff, Southgate, in the heart of the Gower Peninsula.
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