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West End 87

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Situated between Riverside and Central Park on the Upper West Side, West End and Eighty Seven holds 38 luxury apartments designed with the elegance and the inspiration of a pre-war building.

West End & Eighty Seven

Developer: Simon Baron Development & Quadrum Global
Architecture: FXCollaborative
Interior Design: Champalimaud Design
Marketing: Brown Harris Stevens Development Marketing

Situated between Riverside and Central Park on the Upper West Side, West End and Eighty Seven holds 38 luxury apartments designed with the elegance and the inspiration of a pre-war building, ranging from two to five bedroom residences along with two duplex townhouses and three penthouses. Amenities include a library with a private book collection, a landscaped courtyard with a living green wall, a children’s playroom, a sports court, a fitness center and private storage rooms.

Software: Autodesk 3ds Max, V-Ray, Adobe Photoshop

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Lumicene is a new window concept that redefines the relationship between inside and outside, enhancing the use of space and sun light.
La Madeleine
​​​​​La Madeleine proposal for a housing competition in Lille interprets the local surroundings and transforms the urban landscape.
786 Esplanade
Located in the picturesque Mornington foreshore, 786 Esplanade enhances the dialogue between classic and modern.
Last Bridge
Last Bridge symbolizes a journey towards nature.
Priddy’s Hard
Along the coastal site of Gosport, Priddy’s Hard seeks to incorporate the large masonry historic structures through nine open fronted houses that float over a unique landscape.
Douro Bridge
The plot for Douro Bridge project follows a dystopian future, describing an imaginary place where life was scarred by climate changes.
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The loft reflects a open space apartment without internal walls which has been converted for residential purposes.
House in the Woods
An architectural object fully integrated in a forest environment.
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