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Paralel Visualization Studio

Multifunctional House

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Multifunctional Residential House

Old capital-Kutaisi, is Georgia´s special patrimony. Historical city centre has dozens of influential pieces of architectural heritage. But during soviet times Kutaisi was transformed from ancient capital into industrial soviet city. In the composition of city skyline alongside with church domes popped up industrial chimneys. Soviet influence is present until now and it creates peculiar characteristics of the city.
Multifunctional living complex is designed considering above mentioned multidisciplinary profile of Kutaisi and current city masterplan. We hope, proposed architectural solution will have beneficial impact on its urban atmosphere, standing as an example of preventing creeping urbanization and overgrown chaotic development of individual residential housing.
The project site is located near Youth Park, which itself represents significant portion of city’s protected recreational areas. 10 floor building with combination of brick and glass materials, creating unusual, lightened facade, looks like a sail of a ship gazing towards the city. This composition creates visual dynamics, sailing guests of the hotel and residential habitants deep in to the city´s immense beauty.

Architecture by: NS STUDIO

Thanks to our team:
Nika Khvedelidze
Giorgi Bekurashvili
Bakuri Vachadze
Giorgi Chakhvashvili
Irakli Darchia





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