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RUPNS by Raul Sarmiento. This was a project we had worked some time ago. Aerial image is 3d Project + Google 45' satelital image and some matte painting. The other two are full 3d.


3ds Max | FStorm | Ps.




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Little House
Some images for a little house remodulation.
Townhouse Park Casanova
Hi all, Townhouse Park Casanova at the feets of the Andes Mountains range in Santiago, Chile.
Hotelero Termal Conaripe
One of my recent projects. I hope you'll like it!
Hello everyone! This is our latest project at FAZ. Architect: Nathaly Jofre Gonzalez. Project: Base of glacial operations between Patagonian ice, Patagonia, Puerto Natales and Chile. I hope you'll like it!
Foggy Night
Sports station - Foggy night. This image was a study of lighting while searching for a balance between Sci-fi and Architectural visualization.
Plataforma para jovenes L.G.B.T. Hi all, this is an architecture graduation project, a little different because of the LGBT center.
Astronomic Center
Hello everyone, This visualization was made for the graduation project of the architect Julio Illanes Troncoso. It is an Astronomic center and Refuge at the Andes mountain range in Chile. I hope that you like it!
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