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Pixer Visual

Prairie House

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3D Render based on project Prairie House from 33bY Architecture located in Kiev, Ukraine. I hope you'll like it!


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Spacious spaces with the famous iconic Portuguese charm.
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Law office and shopping arcade
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We work in this project with a sunrise climate in contrast with the green of the vegetation.
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What feeling do you have when you see these images?
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Need anything else?
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Work, study, exercise, and rest in this beautiful environment.
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I can't decide which is better, this room or this splendid view.
Minimalist Kitchen
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Choose your path
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How many hours would you spend in the lobby of this hotel before going to your room?
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Anticipating what architects and developers want to communicate by revealing unbuilt architecture. Based on the project of: Steve & Alyssa.
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Images developed for a real estate development launch.
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Images created for a product catalog of an aluminum and glass company.
Dark bathroom
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Bathroom in dark and minimalist style.
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Warmth, peace, tranquility, and unity are what we seek to represent through this lovely Living room
Taj Mahal
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One of my recent personal projects. I hope you 'll like it!
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